A slender silhouette with ice-cream

If we were to choose between all the sweets in the world, ice cream is the one that harms the less our silhouette. We recommend to go for the simple vanilla ice-cream with chocolate topping, in the normal cone.

So, specialists found out that whenever we want to eat something sweet, ice-cream is the most indicated. But go for cone ice-cream because the stick ice-cream is more concentrated so, it has more calories.

The specialists also found out that ice-cream kind of fools us, because it has a low density and in this way people that usually eat a lot may have the impression that they eat soooo much, but in fact the only “big thing” is the volume that ice cream occupies.

[singlepic id=564 h=150 float=left]If you are not so confident about this experience we offer you a light alternative: sorbet and yogurt ice-cream. If you go for a classic ice-cream the quantity of fat is around 6-10%, whereas for yogurt ice-cream this quantity is around 3%, and in this way, you only get to consume around 80 calories for 100 grams. If you are not so confident about this experience, we offer you some other light alternatives:

On the other side, if we talk about sorbet, and this is an iced sugar foam, this one has only 1,5% fat. This is, by far, the lightest thing you can have for desert because it contains around 70 calories in 100 grams.

Our conclusion is to go for ice-cream whenever you feel the need of a desert. Besides the fact that is absolutely delicious, it is the best way to be fit and enjoy a sweet desert.

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