Dancing Helps You Lose Weight!

Dancing is a fantastic form of exercise. Not only does it raise the heart rate through movement, dancing also tones and tightens the major muscle groups of the body.And the best thing about dancing is that it helps you lose weight!

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How to Lose Weight With Orange-Diet?

Target: lose 2 kilos in one week-end…from Saturday to Monday morning. Considering the fact that it is winter time, oranges are among the fewer fruits left natural on the market.

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus – The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

Nintendo WII Fit Plus looks like a dream come true. If you have no time or possibilities to go to a professional gym, well, buy this small fashionable console, put it in your living room and start your workout.

3 Perfect Christmas Gifts

What to buy for Christmas is no longer a problem. We have the perfect solution for you, 3 Christmas gifts, and where to buy them from!

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4 Ways to Stimulate Your Metabolism

If you tried to lose weight and you couldn’t because you have a lazy metabolism and you gain all the pounds lost, read this article.

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How to Choose a Diet Plan

We decided to write down some tricks…so you can choose easier from all those diet plans out there.

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Lose Weight Quick With the Zone Diet

Here are some healthy, hot tips about a great way for quickly losing weight. The Zone Diet, created and sustained by Dr. Barry Sears is a healthy living program that can be adapted for a quick weight loss regimen.

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Tips for Losing Up to 800 Calories Fast!

This short article is meant to help you decide what sport fits you best and lets you know how many calories you get rid of through that sport.

5 Things Not to Do in Fitness Class

Maybe you struggle hard in the gym, but the results are almost invisible. And these are 5 things you have to avoid so that your training offers you great results and a sculpted body.

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If we were to choose between all the sweets in the world, ice cream is the one that harms the less our silhouette. We recommend to go for the simple vanilla ice-cream with chocolate topping, in the normal cornet.