Yes or no to Fruit Diet?

You want to look good! Spectacular! It’s summer! This is a great help! You can enjoy any fruits you want and any fresh vegetables. You heard that fruits are sooo healthy and, besides that, you can lose weight eating more and more fruits. Let’s find out how good this diet is for real.

First of all, you don’t really stay away from any illnesses.

[singlepic id=409 h=180 float=left]Although, so it is said, that fruits contain so many vitamins that you won’t catch the flu, or…any other disease! This is partially true, because they are not miracles after all, just fruits, but, it is true, that in some communities, the number of diseases such as: Diabetes (type II), cardiovascular diseases, certain forms of cancer (especially those of the digestive tract – the colon cancer), Hypertension, got smaller and smaller. This means only one thing! Even though fruits do not cure you, it is for sure that the vitamins they contain can guide you in a healthier life!

Vitamins, minerals, there are plenty in fruits!

Fruits are plentiful in vitamins and minerals, these are “kept” especially in the peel, and so, peeling off it’s a bad idea. Therefore, they must be washed well and you have to eat them with the peel also. Vitamin C is the champion in the fight against infections, and also a reliable ally of the immune system. You won’t be surprised that lemon is NOT the richest in vitamin C, but kiwi!!! followed by orange, and lemon…just the on the third place.

There is no cholesterol!

Like vegetables, fruits have no cholesterol! The lack of fats (except avocado) in fruit composition can be seen as a high quality, but also as a big defect, especially if you are on a fruit-based diet.

Yes to fibers No to calories!

[singlepic id=406 h=180 float=right]Cardiologists recommend consuming a large amount of fibers daily (25-30 grams / day) to maintain a good cardiovascular health. This is where fruits have a great advantage! Fruits rich in fibers: banana, apple, strawberry, pear, grape. On the other hand, this is also great news! Fruits contain so little calories. One of the main advantages of a diet rich in fruits is that you reduce the number of consumed calories. Stomach will fill up quickly, because they contain water, but you won’t eat any calories! There are some fruits, like avocado and banana with lots of calories, so, doctors recommended that you eat those especially in the morning; they will fill you up with energy!

Now, it’s a good thins that you reduce the number of calories, but, if you decide to keep a diet based only on fruits, you must be very careful, because you must not neglect the body necessities! So, our advice is to eat lots of fruits, but also meat (with proteins) and diary.

This is the ugly part in a fruit based diet…

[singlepic id=408 h=100 float=left]After spending a year eating fruits, or, mostly fruits, teeth and gums are starting to suffer, nails become weak, hair breaks more easily, your color will turn pale easily, because of the lack of iron and vitamin B12, these lead to installation of anemia (lowering the number of red blood cells). You will also have emotional problems; you will feel angry upset, depressed.

Our advice! Eat as many fruits as possible, because they are a real supply of energy and strength, but be careful and do not disregard meat and diary products. Train your body for healthy eating and enjoy the summer running in the park! Sun is also a great ally in summer!

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