Five Tips to Overcoming the Mental Block and Start Running Today

Does the thought of running overwhelm you? Are you one of those who consider running such a daunting task that they never get to give it a try?
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Being an outdoorsy girl is not about overwhelming yourself with fitness goals and weight loss. Since running is one of the activities that compels you to step out of your comfort zone and really build up your body, it really pushes and motivates you to bring change to your life.

It is a healthy hobby that turns into an addictive habit because it allows you to carve out time for yourself. Running allows you to bring positive energy to your life by banishing all the negative thoughts from your mind as you drive yourself towards the next mile.

If you want to get started with your running exercise, here is our list of some motivators that will definitely help you overcome your mental block and begin your journey as a runner.

Think Healthy

Running is an activity that is guaranteed to keep you fit and healthy. It will give you physical strength, define and develop your muscles, and your boost your stamina. All these changes in your body will give your life a wholesome balance.

Ten years from now, when you’re older, you may gain a few pounds and struggle to find time to stay fit, unless you have a habit of running! If you are addicted to running today, you will do just fine tomorrow. So, focus on building up your strength and making healthy living choices as you complete your daily run goals.

Set Some Goals

Goals are extremely important because they inspire you and motivate you to do more. So, set running goals, but don’t forget to keep them realistic. Starting with a 10-minute run daily is much easier than setting yourself a goal of an hour on the treadmill. Do you want to lose some weight? Do you want to build up your stamina? Do you want to inculcate healthy habits in your life?

Or maybe, you just want to fit into that little black dress you bought so lovingly but never could wear. Whatever it is, just aim for it and start running. The rest will fall into place naturally.

Indulge Your Body

Running can really help you strengthen your body and shape it up. It will make you tough, give you more balance, more patience, and greater tolerance capacity.

So, keep in mind that as you run mile after mile, you are indulging your body, strengthening it up, and enhancing its capabilities. With such positivity in mind, you are sure to ‘run’ a long way.

Let the Positivity Flow

Indeed, running is all about unleashing your positivity and allowing it to flood your body. As you run, you need to enjoy a moment of great energy. It is your time to put aside all the negativities in your life, doubts, etc.

Take this time to connect with yourself and reassure yourself of your own strengths. There is no better time to do so than when you’re physically exerting yourself!

Pump Up the Volume

Music is a great companion for long runs. It will keep you focused and let the adrenaline rush through your veins so that you can really enjoy your run.

So put on your favourite numbers, preferably the loud and fast ones, put on your headphones, and mute out everything else as you command your legs to run. The feeling is so euphoric that it tends to get addictive after some time.

We hope these tricks help you counter the mental blocks stopping you from channelling your physical energies and improving the strength of your body. Remember, there’s only one way, you’ve simply got to outrun the negative thoughts.

Pro tip: after pushing your limits and started your training, don’t forget to buy some good fitness gear, for example a good track spiked pair of shoes for your next marathon!

Good luck!

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