Top 4 Best Exercises for Breast Enlargement

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Some women have beautiful hair, others have bright eyes, some have big breasts, etc.. In our days we can change eye color or hair texture, and now, we can also reshape your body! The most beautiful breasts are not necessarily the biggest, a very important thing is their firmness. Here we gathered 4 essential exercises that will help you improve your breasts shape and can definitely help you create the “enlargement” illusion.

A woman’s body has to be feminine and tender, so you won’t need “muscle packs” like the body-builders show. But, when it comes to breasts, things stand in the opposite side. Working your pectoral muscles, will help raise your breasts and push them slightly ahead, perhaps even more than one inch, increasing your chest circumference without an increased muscle contour, which is well masked by the mammary glands.

A Good Way to Enlarge Your Breast Without Surgery Is Fitness for Chest Area

We propose a series of exercises specially designed for toning your breasts, lift and increase their circumference. Breast lifting is done both in the chest, mobilized by the position and flexibility of the spine, and the pectoral muscle action (large and small) that cover the chest between the ribs and mammary glands.

1. Pushups. I do not know if there is any women who love push-ups, but these exercises are so necessary … The trunk and legs should form a plan, parallel to the ground, and when you bend your elbows you are not allowed to swing you basin, as often happens. You are allowed to do as many pushups as you can, just do them correctly. You will see in the end of this article a short tutorial that will guide you in doing the exercises correctly.

2. You need 1-3 kg dumbbells. Lie on the floor with your face up and arms at your sides, and hold the weights in your hands. Raise your arms above your head and take them back on the floor, then return to original position when the arms were near the body. You may not move your legs, which have to be in a straight position and perfectly stretched. Make a series of 10 liftings, and in total 3 series.

3. Stay in the same position; just take the weights near your shoulders. Raise them so that you stretch your arms above the shoulders. Make 20 such repetitions.

4. Stand up, but use the dumbbells, don’t leave them on the floor (the more you keep your muscles tensed, the more intense you’ll feel your body working). You need to hold one arm near the body and the other one bent over the head to the opposite ear, holding the dumbbell in it. Return the arm near the body, and bend it over your head again. Take 20 such repetitions with each hand.

This exercise program should be followed once every 3 days, but you can perform the push-ups daily.

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