Perfect make-up for your eyes color

Tell me what color are your eyes…to tell you what makeup color arranges you best.
Next, you shall see great advices, and trust me, if you follow them, they will all envy your great eye make-up!

Of course you’ll consider the hair color too, and the rules are simple: brunettes can try anything, redheaded should not seek shades contrast glaringly with hair and the blonds should be very careful with the “electrified” shades or the very dark ones!

Brown eyes…

[singlepic id=210 h=150 float=left]Steal everyone’s heart…especially if the makeup emphasizes the profundity of the eye. The colors recommended by makeup artists are: gold, green, khaki, blue, pink or mauve.

Avoid beige and black if you have open skin color. You can use black outlines on the eyelid in combination with the recommended colors. You can try any shade you like, and to decide which you like best on the eyelids and put your eyes best in value.

Blue eyes

[singlepic id=213 h=150 float=right]Pink, brown, brick-red, orange, purple, turquoise, any of these colors compliments blue eyes, but depending on your skin shade, you can use gray and black contour on the arch lid. Test the electrify colors. Fits great and makeup with the wet eyelids effect, but it requires mascara too.

Not at last, full contours of the eyes with dark shades emphasize even more the iris color and its contrast it with white eyes.

Green eyes

[singlepic id=211 h=150 float=left]Green iris may be worth using red brown, beige pearl, gold, silver, pink, red or green, with black outline.

They say that green eye means that the choice of shades of green creates a pleasant harmony, provided if the internal angles to be illuminated with white or beige.
Also you can get a very special look in defining the eyelashes with blue mascara.

Black eyes

[singlepic id=163 h=150 float=right]Despite the general idea that it is not recommend the use of color close to the iris, black eyes are best put in value of all closed shades: dark blue, gray, dark purple, black.
But you may use any other color, as the iris chromatic fits with eyelashes and eyelids.

Now hurry up, get that brilliant make-up done and get out and party!

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