Best Makeup Tips and Hairstyles for the Beginners

Makeup is every woman’s best friend. Good makeup and hairstyle is something that’s essential for every woman. Makeup will make you look stunning and will boost up your confidence level. It will also enhance your natural charm and makes you feel good about yourself. Makeup is a way to appreciate yourself.

But it’s not about the makeup always it’s about your skin too. Before using any makeup routine pay attention to your skin and try to understand what kind of products your skin can handle. Take care of your skin completely to flaunt every makeup look like a pro. Below are few makeup tips for the beginners to avoid any blunder. 

Makeup Tips

Apply Lip Liner After the Lipstick for a Long-Lasting Look 

Let me tell you, this has been recommended by the experts too. You should apply your lip liner after applying your lipstick, by doing this you’ll get a long-lasting look. You can even use a colorless lip balm before applying lipstick, this will keep your lips smooth and soft the whole day long. But before applying lipstick you can line your lips outside your natural lip line by using a lip liner to make it look fuller.  

Use a Concealer That Matches Your Skin Texture

Always buy a concealer that matches your skin texture. Apply the concealer after applying the foundation, if you are a bride-to-be it’s better to use waterproof concealers and never smear the concealer under your eyes always dab it for a long-lasting effect. 

Apply Mascara on Both the Sides of Your Lashes

To make your eyelashes look fuller you should apply mascara on both sides. By doing this, your eyelashes will look thicker, fuller and better. 

Mix Concealer and Moisturizer 

Apply concealer and moisturizer by mixing them together. This technique is very useful for dry skin if you have dry skin try this out this will be of good help. 

Make an Eye Stencil

Make an eye stencil using scotch tape if you don’t trust your eyeliner artistry. With the help of this, you can get an even look for both the eyes. If you like you can stick with the basic kajal liner or can try different styles and liner variants. 

Smokey Eyes

To get a Smokey eye look, apply a darker shade of eye shadow as a base and blend it with an eye brush perfectly. This will help you get a long-lasting look. The Smokey eye look is a classic one and will remain throughout the year.

White Eyeliner

If you want to get a bigger eye look, apply a white eyeliner instead of black. This will give a bigger and beautiful look to your eyes. If you have small eyes white eyeliner will be of good help. Always dab white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes and blend it thoroughly. 

Pastel Eye Shades

If you love to play with colors, pastel eyeshades will be perfect for you. Girls, remember to use only those colors which go perfectly with your skin color else you’ll look ungraceful. You can always go for the golden eye color for a glamorous look. 

Now go and rock your look with the help of these makeup tips and tricks. It’s time to discuss some hairstyles for the beginners to complete your overall look. 


Our hairstyle is the reflection of our identity, a bad hairstyle is equivalent to the bad day. A good hairstyle will definitely increase your self-esteem and will make you look even more beautiful. Most of the time people tend to ignore the importance of a good hairstyle in their life. Why keep the same old looking hairstyle always? You must keep experimenting with your hairstyles. Admit it or not, this is directly linked to your personality. Having a good hairstyle will make you look even more attractive.

Check out these 9 easy DIY hairstyles to flaunt every day with ease.

1. Low Ponytail

2. Messy Ponytail

3. High Ponytail

4. Messy Bun

5. Top Knot Bun

6. Fishtail Braid

7. Luxy Waves

8. Middle-Part Hairstyle

9. French Braid

These are the basic easy hairstyles you can make every day. Hope you liked the above-mentioned makeup tips and hairstyles. These will make you look stunning and help you to stand out from the crowd for sure. Try them out and feel beautiful every single day.

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