Shinny Hair Color Even in Summer Heat

The sun, salted sea water, brushing and hair die are just a few factors that can affect the natural beauty of your hair. Here are some beauty tips that help you maintain a shinny hair in the summer heat.

1. If your hair is died you will need a product for protection, because sun and salted water dry the hair and the color loses its intensity. Regarding brushing, make sure that you use a quality brush and that your gestures are not brutal.

2. Keep the hair color vivid: If you have your hair colored in warm tones, such as red or gold, it is compulsory to use a protection product. These products are specially created for hair care, protecting it against sun rays, wind and salted sea water, that fade it. You also have to use a special shampoo for colored hair, such as Nivea Color Glanz Shampoo, for only 9$ at

3. How to use the oils specially designed for hair care? Protective oils treat and moisture your hair, offering it a special shine. If you have thick hair, that tends to be oily, apply the oil from the middle to the peaks. If your hair is dry, choose nourishing oil and apply it on all hair length.

4. Shampooing every day? Even if we tend to wash our hair daily in the summer time, if it is not absolutely necessary, try to avoid washing it every day. Anyway, if you wash it every day, or not, do not forget the hair balm or, even better use a hair mask, not only protects your hair, but offers it a special look.

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