Hair Natural Care – Make Your Hair Shine!

Is your hair dry as Nevada desert? Do not panic! Here are some secrets for your hair to regain radiance and vitality. Let’s make your hair shine!
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You thought the problem could be your scalp: sebaceous glands do not produce enough sebum, and thus the hair becomes dry. In addition, external aggressions like the sun, hair dryer, an imbalanced nutrition… But do not panic! Here are some secrets for your hair to regain radiance and vitality. Let’s make your hair shine!

Natural Remedies for Your Dull Hair:

Used at least once a week, without moderation, a 100% natural mask: with egg yolks, almonds, honey or avocado.

Lemon and vinegar: mix the two ingredients with warm water and apply this composition on hair before shampooing. Wash your hair with shampoo as usual offering your scalp a gentle massage for 2-3 minutes. Rinse your hair, and then apply the prepared mixture. Leave it exposed for 10 minutes, then rinse and voila: hair full of vitality and shine.

Argan oil: nourishes and revitalizes dull and dry hair. Apply it on the entire length of hair before the shampoo, insisting on the peaks.

Olive oil: you can apply it on the entire length of hair, and then wrap it in a towel, before bedtime. The next day, your hair will be full of vitality and shine! You can use this treatment once or twice a month!

Healthy Food for Healthy Hair:

A healthy, balanced nutrition is reflected both in the state of your health, but also in your hair look! If your hair is dull, with 0 brightness, probably this is due to iron deficiencies. Therefore, we must adopt a balanced diet, rich in fatty acids (oil and fish), iron, vitamin B (cereal, yeast, wheat, nuts), zinc, which favors hair growth (lentils, egg yolk), fruits and vegetables. Vitamin B6 deficiency affects the hair, making it dull.

Healthy Gestures, Healthy Hair!

To maintain your hair beautiful and healthy, you must constantly take care of good hygiene and also to have a daily routine!

First, after each washing with shampoo, rinse your hair with cold water (refreshing effect).

Avoid repeated hair dyeing, or perms – they aggress the hair. Of course, extensions are nice, but not recommended for affected and damaged hair!

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