5 Ingredients to Keep Your Hair Smooth and Silk

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Nowadays, hair care product manufacturers include natural ingredients in their products. One of this is natural hair products by Giovanni. But if you are looking for a more raw and natural remedy, here are five ingredients that can make your hair smooth and silky for a long time.



If you want a very natural hair conditioner, you can try using honey on your hair.  Honey is known to be a natural hair softener because of the many minerals and antioxidants it possesses. Aside from that, honey is also good for the scalp because of it keeps the hair moisturized.

To use honey on your hair, mix at least 4 tbsp of honey with 2 tsp each of milk cream and olive oil. Mix it thoroughly until the substance is subdued. Then use a comb in applying the mixture. Just dip the comb teeth on the mixture and comb your hair from root to tip. Repeat until hair is completely covered. Let it stay for ten minutes then rinse. Do this after hair has been shampooed and rinsed. Do these repeatedly.


Eggs are a good source of protein. The body is not the only one that needs protein but also the hair. Protein helps in restoring hair damage. It acts like a restorative mask on the hair. Other than that it also makes dull hair moisturized.

Another good thing about eggs is that it helps add volume to hair. Human hair, especially on women can be lifeless and dull. By adding egg mixture into your favorite shampoo, you can have fluffy hair as well. It will look revived with a natural gloss.



Milk has the ability to nourish the body. That is why it is the main ingredient in most lotion products. Likewise, milk can also nourish the hair. It has vitamin B-12 that can make hair soft. It also has protein that helps hair strengthening.

By adding a small amount of milk cream to your conditioner, your hair, no matter how dry it is, can soften with frequent application of the mixture. Just make sure to cover the strands completely and let the product stay for at least ten minutes to absorb the needed nutrients.

Other than that, milk can also prevent hair loss. This also includes anti-balding and premature whitening or graying of hair. Just mix milk with fenugreek seed paste and coconut oil thoroughly until all ingredients are diluted. After that, apply the mixture to your scalp while massaging it.

If your hair keeps getting wavy, curly and frizzy even if you ironed them, pure milk can help you with your problem. Milk is dubbed as a natural hair straightener. All you have to do is fill a spray bottle with milk and spray the content evenly on your hair. Do this while combing your hair. Leave it for ten minutes then rinse. Do this every day to get a glossy and straighter hair.


Lemon is a very good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important ingredient in making hair healthy. Lemon can cure many scalp problems like dandruff. It can also make hair naturally shiny. It can also remove bad odors from the hair and scalp. All you need is to mix 3 tbsp of lemon with your conditioner and place the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray evenly throughout your hair and leave for ten minutes. For best results, leave your hair for ten minutes under the sun.

Aloe Vera

The final natural ingredient on this list that you are definitely most familiar with is Aloe Vera. This amazing gel is filled with nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and folic acids. Many hair care products contain aloe vera since it is really effective.

Aloe Vera is most commonly identified as the anti-dandruff ingredient. Dandruff can make the scalp itchy and cause damage to the hair strands. With aloe vera, this problem can be solved. What you need to do is mix aloe vera gel with water then add a small amount of baking soda and lemon juice. Stir and stir until the ingredients are all well mixed into a substance. Use the substance like any shampoo.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on natural hair products to keep your hair smooth and silky. These ingredients mentioned above are not only cheap but also very accessible. You are likely to have any of these ingredients stored at your home. All you have to do is be resourceful in order to gain that everyday beautiful hair.

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