Winter Beauty Treatments for Sensitive Skin

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In winter we encounter a series of problems that we should not neglect. Our beautiful face and hands will require a special care and cannot be neglected even for one day. Find out below what you should keep in mind and what treatments you have to do this season for a beautiful skin!

Your Skin Gets Dried Easily

Once you start noticing areas where your skin peels off, it means that skin’s moisture level is low. Follow the beauty tips we offer you below but also be careful with proper hydration. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day (it does not matter that it is not summer and you don’t sweat as much).

  • Replace care products with more nutrient-rich oils
  • Make a powerful hydrating skin mask
  • Do not forget the day and night cream for face
  • Special treatments at the salon, customized for your skin
  • Try sugar-scrub, homemade fro  honey and sugar
  • Follow a natural antioxidant treatment and use cosmetic products for intense tissue repair.

Red and Itchy Skin

The difference in temperature can affect the skin and in this case you have to use some soothing treatments. Chamomile and green tea soothes redness and restores its suppleness.

Must-Do Beauty Treatments for This Problem

  • Calming facial masks
  • Steam baths with chamomile, lavender and / or green tea

You Feel Your Body Dehydrating

Besides external factors that affect your body, stress and the need to cover it from head to toe leads to a specific irritation and the need for proper and intense care during cold months.

Therefore, for Your Sensitive Skin Winter Treatments, You Should keep in Mind the Following:

  • Use the clothes that will not irritate your skin
  • Do not neglect the most important step in skin care – moisturize after every shower
  • Use body lotions or creams rich in natural oils. Olive oil is usually the one that meets all your skin needs.
  • An effective scrub can “delete” dead skin cells. Try a honey-based one
  • A salon treatment for skin hydration and smoothing, made every two weeks, may be a source of beauty for your skin
  • Do not use strong methods of hair removal when you use.
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