Couples Dietary Plan

Men and women don’t have the same nutritional requirements. To lose weight in healthy ways, a man must have a balanced diet of 1,700 calories and a woman should eat 1,500 calories per day. They can eat the same things, only that man will have some more generous portions of meat, about 300 grams, and another two slices of bread, when indicated.

Women should consume especially foods with high iron levels, calcium, zinc (meat and dairy products), and B complex (cereal). Both men and women must completely give up alcoholic beverages. Remember the 2 liters of water per day, which can be partially replaced with green tea that melts fat.

Men Lose Weight Easier

Men have more muscle mass than women, and active muscle cells burn calories faster. Furthermore, their metabolism is more active than ours. Male hormone – testosterone – stimulates the development of muscle mass, but consumption of sweets, alcohol and red meat prone to fat accumulation in tissues.

Women Have Difficulties in Losing Weight

Because of their metabolism, women are prone to accumulate fat faster, but they need more fat than men to remain fertile. Unlike men, women are always subject to hormonal swings – during adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, and every month because of menstruation. Before the cycle, estrogen favors water retention in the tissues, stimulates food appetite and fat accumulation.

This is the diet you can both follow and in this way, losing weight won’t be that unpleasant.

You have to choose between one of these pans.

• cereal + milk + coffee
• 2 slices of bread + goat cheese + coffee
• omelet with vegetables + 1 slice of bread + coffee
Snack: 1 apple or a glass of milk or a small yogurt

• 150 g boiled chicken + carrots + lettuce
• lentils food or chickpeas + lettuce
• cabbage and chicken + baked polenta
Snack: a cup of raspberries or raisins (a handful) or underbrush tea

• pilaf + lettuce
• grilled chicken with vegetables + green salad
• greek salad

Spices that will help: thyme, basil, coriander, pepper, paprika pepper.

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