5 Things Not to Do in Fitness Class

Maybe you struggle hard in the gym, but the results are almost invisible. We know what happened there. And these are 5 things you have to avoid so that your training offers you great results and a sculpted body.

1.    You Are in a Hurry

If you do your fitness training in a hurry so you can leave earlier, or just because you are so sick and tired of those infinite exercises, you won’t win anything. You don’t finish your exercises, you don’t do them correctly and worst you can have health problems because you tense your ligaments and not your muscles. Try to take it one step at a time and it is better to do fewer exercises but make them correctly.

2.    Losing Time Around

You should work in a continue rhythm…you are in the gym to strengthen you muscles not to watch TV or chit chat. If you are tired during your cardio program take a little break but keep on walking, don’t stop. In case you work with weights or fitness machines, take a small break and do some abdomens. If your break is longer than 60 seconds, your cardiac rhythm will slow down and it will be very difficult for you to start all over again.

3.    Incorrect Breathing

If you are not used with a correct breathing, you will feel fatigue easier. We recommend to ask a professional trainer to help you, at least in the first fitness class, because a trainer can tell you what is wrong and what is right when it comes to berating, and not only. Professional trainers recommend berating like this: you inspire in the first half of the exercise than you expire. You can feel the correct berating rhythm when you practice abdomens. If you are breathing correctly you will be able to work harder.[singlepic id=577 h=170 float=right]

4.    Overreacting With Abdomens.

We know that you are obsessed with that perfect tummy you see in all beauty magazines (like ours J ) but you need to take it easy if you want great results. For losing that extra fat you need not only to work douses of abdomens but also adopt a balanced diet with no sweets and fats and you should also do cardio workout!

5.    You Have the Same Fitness Training Program All the Time.

You made a strong passion for one kind of fitness exercise so you give it up. We have some bad news. Even though you may workout Pilates 4 times per week, in an intense program, in time you will see no results. Because your muscles get bored and used with the program so they won’t struggle no more. We recommend that at least once per month shock your body with something extraordinary. Run for one whole hour and then just workout your upper body. Your body will respond because this will be like a slap in his boring fitness routine.

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