Product Review: Lancôme Definicils Mascara

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Lancôme is a well-known cosmetic products provider. It has a well-known name created on the basis of its fantastic, high-quality products. Today we will offer you a short review of one of our all-time favorite: Lancôme Definicils High Definition Mascara, and we make a promise that some more interesting reviews will follow. And so, dear reader and consumer :), please write back and ask us any questions about cosmetic products, and not only, and we will try to offer you a great review.

A Short Description:

  • Definicils is not a volumizer, but lengthening mascara. We recommend Lancome Fatale if you truly want an impressive volume for your eyelashes. If you want separation and length, then try Definicils.
  • Definicils is light, yet lengthens lashes beautifully without the clumps you usually get.
  • It will stay on all day. Remove it with Lancôme’s Bi-Facil makeup remover or regular cleanser. It comes off immediately.
  • Its brush looks like a normal one without curves and gives you long and perfectly defined lashes. Its patented brush shapes and separates every lash from base to tip and gives a superb definition.
  • It’s available in 4 shades: Black, Brown, Deep Brown, and Navy.
  • It’s available in a waterproof version.

This Is Why You Need to “Go for It!”:

  1. It is incredibly easy to apply.
  2. The lengthening is superb!
  3. It preserved your curl all day long.
  4. You feel no weight on your eyes!
  5. Doesn’t clump.
  6. Doesn’t come off with water/tears
  7. No need to use a lash comb to separate

This Is Why… ”Not”:

  1. You can’t buy it at the drugstore or grocery store
  2. It has a very wet composition and it feels kind of uncomfortable
  3. It’s kind of expensive… 23$ it’s a medium price.

And here are some of the stores we found for you and their prices, so you can start a great shopping session tomorrow…or today!

Buy now from Amazon!

And this is a bonus: an online shop where you can compare prices and choose the one that fits your “pocket-size” best 🙂

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