What Are the Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss?

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A first cause could be hormones. Most often it happens that hormones are cause of hair loss for women who just gave birth, then there is some imbalance in hormone levels that lead to hair loss. But usually at 6-7 months after birth, hormonal process should be balanced and hair should stop falling in very large quantities.


Birth control pills can lead to large drops of hair, if you find that you lose more hair now, once you started taking the pills, and notice that facial skin becomes more oily than it was before, you should go to the doctor and discuss these issues, eventually he will recommend other contraceptives or other means of contraception.

Poor Diet, Lack of Vitamins

Also, a lack of vitamins, a poor diet, can cause hair fall. You have to make sure that you get all the vitamins you need to function well. If you want a beautiful hair you have to pay attention to the things you eat. You need the vitamins A, B, C and B6. You can find those in aliments like: oranges, mango, peas, papaya, bananas and many more green, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Diets, in general, but most of them, the inadequate ones, are a very serious and common cause. During diets body no longer receives the necessary intake of iron and this can lead to hair loss.
Stress is probably the most common factors that cause hair loss. Your hair starts to fall after 2-3 months of high stress because your hormonal balance is destabilized.

Diseases, Infections

Different diseases, especially infections, various drugs or medical procedures are some other reasons that can cause hair loss. Usually after passing the disease, after finishing the treatment, your hair should recover, if that doesn’t happen you need to take action.


Styling, excessive use of the straightener, extensions, hair products are just some other causes that can lead to thinning your hair.

If you notice that your hair falls too much is better to determine the cause, then try to take action. Another recommendation would be to go for peaks cutting and apply once a week a special hair treatment.

So, What Are the Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss?

Styling is the worst enemy of your hair. In addition, hormones and contraceptives, poor diet, lack of vitamins and illness are the most common reasons of hair loss.

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