RUE CINQ Matches You to It’s Range of Luxury Beauty Products

In my never-ending quest of finding the right beauty product I came across RUE CINQ and I was blown away by it’s idea: it takes your main consumer characteristics and pulls out of it’s database the matching beauty products.

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Their tagline is Luxury Beauty Made Personal and they say is the only online shop for prestige cosmetics that provides individual product recommendations giving customers a detailed reason why for each recommendation.. Their proprietary algorithm SKIN MATCH TECHNOLOGY (SMT) enables them to match customers’ profiles to their range of luxury beauty products and suggest them the best fit. It’s like.. Stop searching, start finding.

How It Works

Fill out a brief questionnaire about your skin, browse through all the beauty products you know and love to see which one is the right fit for you and why. SKIN MATCH TECHNOLOGY then matches your customer profiles and needs with the right beauty products including a “reason-why” for each product.


I reached out to them for more info and Ms. Estella Benz, the company’s spokesperson was kind to explain me more:

Needs for skin care and makeup are complex, especially because skin types have different needs in different climates. The “Skin Match Technology” algorithm, developed by RUE CINQ, not only takes into account age, gender, skin type, and skin tone, but also the location in which a person is living or visiting, including environmental indicators like pollution, humidity, sun exposure, and temperature. Knowing the impact­­­ that changes in climate can have on their skin, frequent travelers benefit from the flexibility that RUE CINQ’s Skin Match Technology provides.

“As a career type woman, I am busy but still have the need to look my best. So I don’t want to become a beauty expert. I just want products that make me feel amazing in my skin. Every day. This is why I started RUE CINQ and developed Skin Match Technology with Experts from Switzerland.” Says Estella Benz, Founder of RUE CINQ.

Through the newly implemented technology, each product receives a personalized skin match indicator, which is a percentage that shows customers the compatibility of each product with their personalized profile. The skin match indicator helps customers to navigate through RUE CINQ’s whole product palette at a glance.

“This process eliminates endless clicking and browsing through hundreds of products then start comparing reviews and ratings and enables customers to find their perfect fit product before testing it themselves.” Says Estella Benz

RUE CINQ focuses on all of the brands that are usually sold over the counter, giving customers unbiased recommendations in a brand agnostic way. Customers can also discover the reasons behind each recommendation by looking at the benefits, appropriate skin type, product profile, description, and brand info.

“This is revolutionary for the cosmetics industry since retailers often push better margin products and inventory that needs to be reduced, or only offer consultations from brand-provided and instructed personnel. So customers often get sold and not consulted.” Says Estella Benz

To create Skin Match Technology, RUE CINQ has spent more than two years consulting industry experts in dermatology, makeup artistry, and ingredient specialists from Switzerland. To stay unbiased and brand agnostic, they started matching actual client profiles to the products that they use and love and translated this information into an algorithm that selects the best products for new profiles. With more than 30 brands and a growing list of more than 8000 products, they are confident that their customers will find what they’re looking for.


One More Thing:

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