Physical Exercises That Really Work!

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If you’re a modern woman spending many hours in front of a computer and hardly making time for some fitness, then the 3 exercises that I will recommend you will radically change your life in better. Pelvic pain will not be a problem, and your conscience will be reconciled to the thought that the distance between the house and the car is only one step away.

Play With the Rope!

With a rope – or, simply, simulating the motion with your own hands – do jumps in 5 rounds, each of 100 jumps. This practice will do wonders for your legs and thighs, but may represent a useful exercise for cardiovascular activity. If we count the fact that we burn “tons” of calories, maybe you will do it more lively!

Balance on the Stairs.

For this exercise, ideally is to have a staircase. If not, the stairwell of your block, start “climbing” the stairs, but try to skip one…so you climb to stairs at a time. Try to maintain your balance and do the same thing while going down the stairs. Balanced is maintained with the help of your hands!

Exercise to Keep Balance

Keep your legs far from each other how much you can and keep you hands on your hips and keep your weight centered on buttocks and heels. Lean then slowly, as if you want to sit on a chair. The moment your thighs are parallel to the floor, strive to keep your balance in this position for a second and then get up to the original position.

If you do not remember the last time you did exercises to maintain physical form hot and sexy and also healthy- for not having cramps – to be well hydrated and not to go the lack of potassium, we advise you to eat a banana daily or drink some coconut juice.

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