5 Foods to “Eat” and “Not to Eat” Post Workout

Performing physical activity requires a lot of energy to put in. It is really difficult for the body to recover after heavy workouts as high levels of energy are spent. So eating light foods and snacks shortly after your workouts can help you to restore energy in your body. Heavy workouts require intake of proper nutrition to fuel up your body and working muscles. Proper food is required to stimulate protein synthesis that is used to repair and build new muscle tissues, also restore fluid and maintains electrolyte balance. The food that you eat after the workout is important as much as the food taken pre-workout. There are also some foods that should be avoided post workouts as they can have a negative impact on your health. So let us look at some of the best foods that can be taken post workouts and some foods that need to be avoided post workouts.

Foods to Eat Post Workouts

Whole and Scrambled Eggs 

Eating whole eggs after hard workouts helps you to keep your muscle strength. Eggs are rich in proteins and are considered to be the driving force for your muscle gain. The yolk (yellow part of the egg) contains healthy fats, vitamins, iron, phosphorus and iron that helps to allow your strained muscles to use the protein present in whites easily.  

You can also make your post-work scrambled egg meal by just taking eggs, vegetables and topping it with spices and sprinkling black pepper on it. This can be a healthy eat after your exercise or workout. 

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is also a good choice to eat post-workout. It is low in calories and is incredible for restoring glycogen in your body and keeps you satisfied for a long time. It acts as an instant energy provider, it also has cancer-fighting potential, helps in weight reduction and flushes out toxins from the body.

Cottage Cheese and Greek Yogurt

Cottage cheese is a dairy product packed with full of proteins and is used in salads and sandwiches. They are rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients that help to keep you full. You can increase the energy levels and help your muscle to recover quickly by eating cottage cheese with some slices of avocado and whole wheat bread.

Both yogurt and Greek yogurt are good for your health, but the amount of protein present in Greek yogurt is more compared to regular yogurt. It helps to improve the satiety levels and can be a great option to be included in your post-workout food. You can enjoy the Greek yogurt by adding it with smoothies and fruits.


Chicken is a common food and loved by many members around the gym. It is a good protein provider for your body after the workout. Consuming chicken helps you with muscle growth, quick recovery after a workout, heals muscles and prevents the loss of lean mass.  


Tuna is a great source of healthy fats and protein. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and a selenium-containing compound called selenoneine. It helps to decrease the mercury toxicity and also protects the myoglobin and hemoglobin from oxidation. You can eat a piece of tuna fish along with some leafy vegetables and hot healthy soup after your workout. 

Foods Not to Eat Post Workouts

Pre-Made Mixes 

Due to the shortage of time or in a hurry, you depend on pre-made mix smoothies which is absolutely tasty but not at all good for your post-workout. As the pre-made mixes contain a lot of added sugars which slows down or stops the fat burning process in your body. Instead, make your own smoothie with some veggies and fruits to gain a good amount of nutrients. 

Sugar Processed Energy Bars

Energy bars can be a convenient option for many of the gym hitters during busy days, but the snack bars available contains artificial sweeteners, natural sugars, and refined sugar. The added sugar can have a negative impact on your body after post-workout. So you can have home-made energy bars or a handful of nuts, berries, and bananas. 

Sports Drinks

You should not intake any sports drinks after your everyday workout as they are extremely high in sugar content, caffeine, and chemicals. Instead, you can have filtered water, healthy protein smoothie, coconut water, and lime juice which helps you to stay active and boost your energy. While the ingredients present in sports drinks can increase blood sugar and destroy your energy.  

Fried Foods

Fried foods contain harmful trans-fats and are less beneficial to your health. The high-content fat present in fried foods slows down your digestion process and makes you inactive. So instead preferring fried foods you can go for nourishing ingredients that can make you feel fresh and active post-workout. Choose steamed chicken, fish, brown rice, grilled vegetables to refuel your body and to have the strength and long-lasting energy.

Salty Foods

Eating salty foods post workouts will make you lose water and potassium from your body. Instead, you can take a banana and other fruits rich in potassium to fill again your potassium levels.

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