Abdomen Workout for a Supple Waist

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Happy happy, joy joy! The summer is hot and short shirts and mini skirts are here too. This is the time when you need to get rid of any excess fat from your belly. An easy method, that you can practice at home, is to make one, two, three… series of abdomen workout. You have the advantage that you can “locate” them at any level you’re interested (in this case, abdominal muscles, oblique muscles, waist, and so on).

How to Do It?

Lay on your back. Fix your feet on the floor, alone or with a partner, or under a couch / bed / chair. Hands should be behind your head.

To be more comfortable sit on a soft carpet or a blanket.

Lift your upper body, with hands behind your head and bended knees, and keep your body in a 45 degrees position, for 3-4 seconds, then lay back. In the first days you should suffer from muscle fever. This effect may decrease if you relax your body after each series of abdomen exercises.

How Many Exercises Should You Do?

Initially you should start with a small abdomen workout. A good plan is to start with, for example, 50 per day, in series of 25, and then to grow regularly with 5-10 abdomens every 3-4 days.

Another important thing is not to forget to breathe regularly. Irregular respiration gets you tired more rapidly.

How to Combine Them?

Obviously, abdomens may not be the only physical exercises in your daily routine (and doing various exercises for different muscle groups is the best way to keep your body fit). When we are only referring to the waist problem, you should combine abdomens with the following:

  • Massage – to remove cellulite and stimulate muscles (possibly anti-cellulite creams). You can do massage 2-3 times per week, and it would be great to have it done by a professional.
  • Electro-stimulation, 2-3 times per week
  • Low fat diet, so you won’t add any unwanted fats on your beautiful waist.

And now, take a peek on this great video we found and try to follow this workout 4 times per week. You will see great results in just one month! Guaranteed!

Pay Attention to Back Pain

If your body is not well prepared for the amount of effort you want to put into, your back might start to feel some pain. I heard that inversion tables can be used to fight against back pain, and also relax your body altogether. Check that out!

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