Hot Hairstyles for Christmas and New Years Eve Party

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Whether you celebrate Christmas with your family, friends, lover, or you need some ideas for the New Years  Eve… I came up, in your help, with 6 different hairstyles that will make you rise and shine 🙂

More Volume

The feeling of freedom that this hairstyle gives you is a perfect choice for Christmas Day!

A French Bob With a Rebel Look

A bob haircut with grain fringe is the ideal hairstyle for women with oval face. You will feel truly special on New Years Eve!

Stylish Loop

A stylish loop is a definite YES for every party…but now…when Christmas is here, a sexy loop will surprise everybody.

For Women With Personality!

This will put you hair in value and will certainly fix you in the spotlight for Christmas Day!

Refined and Daring

If you want to “finish” your  “competition”, choose a particular hairstyle that shows off and will catch the eyes!

For Short Hair

If you have short hair, a hairstyle with asymmetric fringe will add some value and your face will glow for the New Years Eve.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I am attending a New Years Eve party with my new boyfriend and I want to change myself up a little….I never wear dresses so I’m buying a beautiful teal and black ankle length dress…But I also want to do something different with my hair…I already had my hair cut about 5 months ago so its still short…but like I had said I want to look elegant and different for my boyfriend…does anyone have any ideas?

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