Fresh Citric Diet: Lemonade Diet

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Lemonade diet is a detoxification program initiated by Stanley Burroughs in 1940, as The Master Cleanser. Although much time has passed since then, is still in the spotlight and not lost at all in popularity – the latest star who talked about it being Beyonce, who had to resort to the program in order to lose weight 10 kg for his role in Dreamgirls.

Before being tempted to lose weight quickly, I must warn you – diet program has been designed to help detoxify and cleanse the body and the slimming process is one of the secondary objectives.

The lemonade diet is not totally devoid of people will – is hard to motivate yourself to get over the first few days (most difficult) and live a while (from 10-40 days) even if you are promised spectacular results.

A Typical Detox Diet Promises the Following:

– Remove toxins that have accumulated in the body
– Cleans the kidneys and intestinal tract
– Purifies the glands and body cells
– Remove residues of muscle

How Many Kilos Can You Lose With Lemonade Diet?

Most people who kept their weight loss diet to 1 kg / day during the first 10 days of diet, they can keep the desired weight, in conditions which make a longer transition to complex menus and changing your eating habits – trying to an eat healthy diet.

What’s the Lemonade Diet? 

– 2 kg of mineral spring water (which will subsequently divide into 6 to 10 glasses)
– 12 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
– 12 tablespoons maple syrup or honey (try only natural variants)

If you can not find maple syrup in food stores, you can quit or you can replace it with honey – is provided only to increase the calories of the drink, not for its properties.

The only other things that you can consume are laxative tea, twice a day.

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