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Lesser Known Ways to Get Rid of Heavy Metal From the Body

It is true that iron, copper, and zinc are good for your health and beauty if they are in small quantities. But when you get exposed to them in large amounts, it can affect your health.


How to Detoxify Your Body Without Going Hungry

Many people confuse detoxifying their bodies with going hungry. Detoxifying refers to ridding your body of harmful products, and those products can come from the foods you eat. But why wouldn’t starving yourself be a way to detox?

Fresh Citric Diet: Lemonade Diet

Although originally designed for effects of body detox,lemonade based diet has spectacular results, and when it comes to weight loss.

“Detox” diet after “hungry” holidays

Here is a super diet, that will bring your organism back to life! After the “hungry” Holydays, you need to give your stomach a period to rest and to return to its original state, removing toxins through seven days of diet.