Eating Habits Affect Your Breasts

The things you usually eat won't affect only the thighs and hips, but also your breasts. Here are some quick tips about the most damaging things you eat probably daily.

The Yo-Yo Effect of Your Diets Affects the Firmness of Your Breasts

Because you tend to follow so many diets, and you lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight… the yo yo effect makes skin loses its elasticity. So, your breasts, due to the fact that they are made of fat tissue, will have no skin to support them. You may find it strange, but even 5 kilos lost and gained again will affect the skin firmness.

Caffeine Makes the Breasts Hurt

The specialists could not prove yet the connection between caffeine and breast hurt, but they are sure that in the premenstrual period, the caffeine energizing effect makes them more sensitive. Also, you can give up chocolate, black tea and coffee, during the menstrual period, and see if the next PMS won’t be better :).

Two Alcoholic Beverages Per Day Increase the Risk Of  Breast Cancer

Two bears, shots, alcoholic cocktails raise the chances to get breast cancer one and a half times!

Consuming Too Much Animal Fat Raises the Risk of Breast Cancer

The women that consume large amounts of animal fats before entering the menopause. especially beef and dietary products, are more likely to get breast cancer.

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  • “to” & “too” are two different words. The spelling error in this article greatly reduces its credibility.

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