Diet tips for fighting PMS

These are a few tips about the things you should eat before menstruation, in order to avoid the PMS.

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We searched some things that can real help women. So, we all know that the PMS syndrome is uncomfortable and passes us through a lot of moods. These are a few tips about the things you should eat before menstruation, in order to avoid the PMS.

Magnesium supplements.

This mineral has calming effect, in this way it fights back your anger. You can find magnesium in small capsules, such as medications, in drug-stores, or you can choose integral cereals. These contain a large amount of magnesium.

Eat breakfast.

If you are not used with a healthy breakfast, you blood pressure drops during the day, and this contribute to a miserable mood. You should eat: cereals with milk, one bowl should be enough, fresh boiled eggs with toast and any kind of food that contains carbohydrates and proteins. These will help you improve your mood during the day.

No more coffee!

You should stop drinking coffee, because caffeine raises the level of stress hormones, and in this period you should do exactly the opposite, maintain a lowest level possible, because you already have other problems to worry about.

Eat more nuts and salmon.

The fat acids, Omega 3, have the power to stabilize your hormones level. In this way, the more calmed down your hormones will be, the better you will feel. Eat at least one portion of these aliments each day before your menstruation. You can also find Omega 3 in fish and spinach.

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