5 Group Fitness Classes You Must Try

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Are you looking to revamp your workout routine in the new year?

Group fitness classes are a great way to find a healthy way to relieve stress, boost your mood, and tone your body without needing hours in the gym.

If you’re looking to try some of these classes, you’re going to need to learn more about what’s out there. Want help finding the best class for you?

Want to learn more about the benefits of group fitness classes? Keep reading for our breakdown of the most popular group fitness classes you must try.

1. Zumba

Group fitness classes are a great way to stay healthy and fit. One of the most popular group fitness classes is Zumba.

It is a Latin-inspired dance-exercise class. Group Zumba is an invigorating way to work out by using lively Latin and international rhythms.

Zumba provides your body with a cardiovascular workout that improves endurance and strength. It can also increase your body awareness, flexibility, and coordination.

2. Barre

Barre classes combine elements of strength, stability, and flexibility. This is all about body control to learn how to increase your overall strength and balance.

The class will help you tone and define your core, arms, and legs, as well as sculpt your figure. Being in a group setting will also help motivate you and push you to do your best.

You’ll get an amazing workout, build confidence, and have a great time with friends. 


HIIT typically involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by a brief rest period.

It is designed to improve endurance, burn calories, and build strength. These classes are perfect for those looking for a challenging workout.

HIIT classes usually incorporate squats and lunges, as well as cardio exercises such as running and jumping. The combination of these movements ensures a full-body workout that can be tailored to all fitness levels.

4. Spin

Spin is an innovative fitness class that is designed to give you a full-body workout. It is a combined cardio and strength training exercise. In this class, you combine cardiovascular cycling exercises with strength training and traditional yoga poses.

The class begins with a warm-up that focuses on stretching and postural exercises to get your heart rate up and prime your body.

You will then move into the cycle component of the class for 20-30 minutes using an indoor cycle bike. This challenges you through different speed intervals, resistance levels, and timed drills.

Finally, you will cool down with an ab and core conditioning segment that helps to tone and tighten your abdominal muscles and further build up your strength.

5. Pilates

Pilates is a great group fitness class for those looking to improve their flexibility, posture, and core strength. It is designed to challenge you and will leave you feeling strengthened and energized.

The movements usually include the use of the Reformer to help challenge the body. This combines the gracefulness of yoga and the intensity of strength training.

Pilates can improve your balance. Pilates classes can also incorporate small props such as lightweights and bands to provide an added challenge. 

Must Try Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are great if you need a little extra motivation to stay on top of your workout routine. Each class is unique and provides something new, challenging, and fun.

From Zumba to pilates, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Give a group fitness class a try and feel the positive energy and sense of accomplishment.

You won’t regret it. Get started today!

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