Best Exercises for Larger Breasts and a Smaller Waist

We all would love to be able to choose where we lose weight from right? As we know, there are many targeted areas on our body that we choose to focus most on when we are working out. Most women want to find ways to lose unwanted weight in areas like their stomach, legs and arms without losing their assets. We get it, which is why we have came up with a few lifestyle tricks to help you get a smaller waist without dropping cup sizes.

What Should I Do if I Want a Small Waist and Big Boobs?

As we mentioned above, it is not possible to spot target specific fat regions in your body but it is possible to build muscle in specifically targeted areas. In this specific case, it is possible to build up your chest muscles while burning fat. Although breasts are made up of fat tissue, you may see that you are losing the fat in your breasts, you are replacing it with muscle. Therefore, you won’t notice that you’ve lost any part of your breasts. So your bra size will stay the same! The best way to achieve this is by following these tips:

Limit Your Cardio Time 

As you know cardio is the number one way to drop weight. The difference between cardio and other forms of weight loss workouts is that cardio will cause you to lose both muscle and fat. The object here is to lose fat but increase muscle so by limiting the amount of cardio you do, you are saving the muscle that you need to give you a slimmed toned figure. Cardio is great, but just to an extent. You don’t want to over do it then you will end up losing parts of your body you want to keep full. I would say to cut your cardio in half of whatever time you typically do. On average I would keep it around 30 minutes three times a week.

Less Cardio More Strength Training

When you spend more time strength training you are now putting your body in a mode to lose fat and gain muscle. If you are suffering from loss of elasticity and your breasts are beginning to sag, you may want to increase the weight and work your chest out a few times a week. Be sure to switch up your regiment with chest workouts in order to properly build your pecs. By focusing on and developing your muscles underneath your breasts it will enhance the appearance of your breasts making them look larger. In between you need to find balance, it’s great to focus on your chest area but you also want to focus on other parts of your body as well. Try mixing in squats, lunges, sit ups and pushups to keep everything balanced.

There’s plenty of exercises targeted to women wanting bigger breasts and a smaller waist. We suggest intermixing them and switching it up every other week.

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Eat Estrogen Rich Foods

What you put in your body is just as important as what you do on the outside. If you are working out and not eating the proper foods then chances are you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Stick to foods that have a rich source of the female hormone, estrogen. These are our top choices for estrogen rich foods:

  • Yogurt
  • Flaxseeds
  • Pumpkin
  • Soy: tofu, miso soup, soy yogurt
  • Nuts
  • Fruit 
  • Vegetables: yams, carrots, alfalfa sprouts, kale, celery
  • Legumes: lentils, peas, pinto beans

Consider taking an herbal supplement that has estrogen rich nutrients in it. You want to be sure that you are researching about natural herbs that have been around for centuries. This is the safest and most natural way to achieve your goal of a flat stomach and big breasts. Some of the main ingredients women need to look for when trying to gain a larger chest size while staying thin are the following:

  • Fennel Seeds
  • Red Clover
  • Vitamin C
  • Chasteberry 


Moderation is key to any successful diet or lifestyle. Especially when you are looking to target specific areas on your body you have to do things slowly. You cannot just quickly drop weight or you will get the reverse results that you are looking for. Start by reducing your daily caloric intake by 300-500 and stick to that for awhile. Any sort of diet supplement, crash diet, juice diet and so on, are not necessarily good for your body. It’s best to train your body to slowly improve and do everything in moderation. Losing about 1 pound a week is average and means you’re on the right path. Remember if you want to maintain a small waist yet keep your boobs it’s best to do things gradually. It’s okay to have some of your favorite foods or miss a day at the gym, as long as you are keeping everything to a minimum it won’t set you back.

Eat Eat Eat! 

You want to know how to get a slim waist? Eat! This is the fun part of this process. Everyone wants to know how to get a small waist and flat stomach or a small waist and keep their breasts. You would think that if you’re searching for ways how to get a smaller waist, eating more would be the opposite thing that you do. Wrong! This is actually the best way to keep your appetite under control and stop yourself from overeating. Eating small meals more often will actually keep your metabolism elevated.

Be sure to eat a protein filled breakfast and eat every 2 hours following that. Make sure you are adding in some of the above foods into eat meal. The easiest thing to do if you don’t have much time is to have a cup of yogurt mixed with fruit. Always have something handy to grab so you aren’t missing out on any meals!

Bigger Breasts and Smaller Waist Without Surgery

If your ultimate goal is to increase or maintain your chest size without surgery, then it will take more work and patience. You have to be consistent with following a balanced diet and workout routine. Avoid processed foods that lead to weight gain hindering the goal of a small waist. You should be sure to get the proper amount of foods rich in vitamin B and vitamin C. Both of these increase energy to get you through a vigorous workout and also increase elasticity in your skin. You’ll want to really watch your sodium and sugar levels which leads to bloating.

As you age, it becomes more difficult to lose weight and maintain your figure. The elasticity in your skin becomes thinner causing sagging and wrinkling. Women will notice their breasts aren’t as firm and perky the older they get which means you have to work a bit harder at it. Luckily there’s so many ways to maintain a small waist and many exercises to lift breasts that are beginning to sag.

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