The Best Christmas Fashion Gift Idea: UGG Boots – Authentic Australian Footwear

Well, it’s almost winter time and we all dream about the presents we want to find under out Christmas tree. This is our super-cool idea: UGG Boots, one exciting Christmas gift for every fashionable woman.

Well, it’s almost winter time and we all dream about the presents we want to find under out Christmas tree. This is our super-cool idea: UGG Boots, one exciting Christmas gift for every fashionable woman.

We searched the internet for “guilty pleasures” and we run over some great articles and pictures of UGG Boots. Did you know that some people believe that UGG is actually coming from the word: “ugly”? I thought that is so hilarious :).

ugg boots sand

Well, a few… many words about these cool boots. The UGG Boots are original from Australia, but they were so kind and sent them here in the US, so we can all enjoy their fluffy, sexy look. The products are fashionable, comfortable and easy to wear. In the last year they become some fashion must-have item. The boots are made entirely of high-quality leathers and suede and the finest sheepskin – Australia is no.1 in grade A sheepskin.

ugg australia classic tall boot

They were first meant for wearing them with no socks, because of the natural sheepskin, they will keep you warm. This is a great way to see if your UGG are fake or real. The fake ones leave your feet sweaty and cold. The UGG boots are not ideal for hard winters, mud or rainy places because they are pretty hard to clean.

Cleaning them means actually: shampooing them. The Australians really thought about everything, they even invented this special shampoo and conditioner for the UGGs. First, wet the entire boot in cold or warm water, but don’t use hot water. Next use the shampoo clean the dirt out and then rinse in warm water once again. Shake them and let them dry upside-down. Be careful: don’t leave them near a heat source cause they will shrink. After this washing episode you might just waterproof your boots. Of course, they thought about this thing too, so there this unique product for the UGG boots, that will protect them against water, mud, making them easy to clean.

Be aware of all the cheap imitations: you can distinguish them from the real UGG Boots, looking at the double-faced skins that should not be glued! Also, you can tell by the synthetic material they are made of.


Tips for a True “fashionista”! Wear You UGG Boots in the Trendiest Way.

Let’s just say you got the most unexpected Christmas gift that wonderful pair of UGG or Roxy UGG and you can barely wait to wear it. We are here to advise you about how to wear the UGG boots so you be the eye-catcher everywhere you go.

  • Dresses and knitwear. Wear a flowy dress, or a long sweater, a long dress crocheted or woolen and mix it with short UGG boots.
  • Also, you can wear them with a tunic dress, you will get a seductive “good girl” look. For this combination we recommend the Roxy UGG boots, that have that unique strap in front and they lace up with ribbons.
  • Wear UGG Boots with tight pants, preferably skinny jeans with low waist. This can offer you two types of look: short UGG boots with skinny jeans, and a casual sweater and maybe a cap and you will get that casual, park walk look. Or, you can wear the UGG boots, with skinny dark-colored jeans, with a white cardigan and a fuchsia colored scarf, and this a 100% for a smart-casual look.
  • The classic look for the UGG boots is combining them with leggings. This is how you can stand out from the crowd: wear the black leggings with a long sweater and try some new funny colored UGG boots and a big handbag.

Remember, the UGG boots are not some working boots, you can find here: – they’re fashion items and style icons. Even if they’re very controversial – some think they’re plain ugly, while others see them as icons.

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