Types of Collars for Women – Style Details

Here is a guide of almost every type of collars you can stumble upon when you go shopping. Bookmark this page for reference!

Chelsea CollarChelsea

Medium-wide collar with square pointed ends attached to a front opening V neckline. Very popular in the 1960s and 1970s.


Johnny CollarJohnny

Very small high stand collar attached to a V neckline.


Pointed Flat CollarPointed Flat

Narrow collar with squared ends at center front. It is also known as “Bermuda”.



Peter Pan CollarPeter Pan

Narrow collar with rounded ends at center front. An interesting fact: it was named after the collar of the costume worn in 1905 by actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan, and particularly associated with little girls’ dresses.


Puritan CollarPuritan Collar

Rounded collar similar to “Peter Pan”, but wider. It covers part of the shoulders.



wing-collarWing (or Whisk)

Stiff band collar with pointed ends that fold outward. It was worn in the early 17th century.


Shawl CollarShawl

Collar formed by an extension of the facing and garment front (undercollar). It is extended to form lapels, often used on cardigan sweaters, dinner jackets, and women’s blouses.

Notched CollarNotched

A type of collar with square corners on lapel an collar and a triangular notch in it. Often seen in blazers and blouses with business suits. Also, rounded notched collars appear in many forms of pajamas.


Convertible CollarConvertible Collar

One-piece high stand collar which can be worn open or closed. Lapels are formed when worn open. It is designed to be worn with the neck button either fastened or unfastened.


Shirt CollarShirt Collar

The traditional two-piece high stand collar (called band and collar). The ends of the collar may be square, round or pointed


Mandarin CollarMandarin Collar

Band collar with square or rounded ends that do not quite sweet at center front – based on traditional Manchu or Mongol-influenced Asian garments. It is also called “Chinese”, “Nehru” or “cadet” collar.


bob-collarBib Collar

Flat rounded, square or oval shape fitting around the neck like a child’s bib.


Ruffle CollarRuffle Collar

A straight piece of fabric, lace or trim gathered to neck edge to form ripples. It is popular in the renaissance period made of starched linen or lace, or a similar fashion popular late seventeenth century and again in the early nineteenth century. They were also known as “millstone collars” after their shape.


Tie Neck

Tie Neck

A narrow fabric band of varying length worn around the neck and tied in a knot or bow close to the throat.


Jabot collarJabot

When one or two pieces of fine soft fabric are used to decorate the neckline, it makes the jabot collar.



Circular-cut ruffle attached to neckline at the center front of the garment.



High rounded neckline finished with a narrow strip of rib knit.




High rounded neckline finished with a very wide strip of rib knit that is often worn folded over.


So, those are the main subjects used in women fashion describing collars for different types of designer blouse pattern and styles. Bookmark this page and reference to it when shopping!



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