Everything You Should Know About Styling the Right Necklace

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These are quintessential pieces of jewelry in every woman’s wardrobe. Even the oldest civilizations agree that the way a necklace transforms one’s looks is simply outstanding. Undoubtedly, pendants, chokers, collars, or line necklaces amp up your whole look. It is like adding a statement piece of jewelry to spice up your overall attire look. It makes you ready for any event, regardless of whether it is your date night, evening party, or maybe just a formal office look.

Today, one can choose from a wide variety of neck jewelry that can instantly add charm to your outfit look. However, it is also something that puzzles one because every occasion requires a unique way of dressing. And it is pretty normal to be confused about finding out what neckpiece can bring out that inner diva in you.

For that purpose, this article is going to help you pick the right neckpiece for every occasion.

4 Tips to Pick the Right Necklace

Based on the Event or Occasion

If you pick a line necklace or a choker, you can wear them with almost any dress you choose. And people need to ensure that they pair the right one with the right occasion. Statement necklaces like these can therefore be worn on almost all occasions. However, there are different other types of pendants and neckpieces available. 

For example, if you want to pair it with a formal dress, always go for the subtle ones. Large statement jewelry fits only on informal occasions like casual wear or party apparel.

Matching With the Perfect Color Combination

One thing that is even more important than choosing the right neck jewelry for different occasions is the color combination. For the best overall outlook, maintaining color coordination is the key. Diamonds and platinum necklaces go flawless with a plain outfit or elegant black dress. One can flaunt an 18.75-carat round diamond neckpiece easily with any simple apparel from the wardrobe. 

On the other hand, women who are more interested in trying out warm-toned colors like sapphire or yellow gold can pair them up with warm-colored dresses. Not just that, even cool-toned outfits go pretty well with a sparkling statement neckpiece.

With Stripes and Patterns

To stand out from the crowd, one does not always need heavy and extraordinarily detailed neck jewelry. Some statement neckpieces suit seamlessly, even with the most basic tees. Especially if the t-shirts have a unique design, they work like a canvas that complements how the necklace looks on your neck. 

But why always go with the basics when you can try your favorite necklace with patterned and striped dresses? You can choose patterned shirts and stripes and pair them with neutral or pastel shades. These will surely give you a minimalist and classy look. Avoid wearing bright and thick statement neckpieces to keep that formal look intact.

Pairing With Other Accessories

Pairing a necklace with other accessories is okay unless you are flaunting something big and heavy. Your statement necklace should be at the focal point of your entire outfit to have maximum attention toward it. Therefore, one must avoid wearing other accessories or go with subtle earrings. Wearing accessories that do not draw attention away from your line necklace is still a good choice in bringing your outfit of the day together.

The 3 Most Popular Neck Jewelry You Should Try

Line Necklaces

These are by far the most minimalistic and versatile neck jewelry types: the line neckpieces. These necklets are ideal for everyday wear and go equally well with formal and informal attires. Besides that, they are compatible and look beautiful with all distinct types of necklines. These are available in various colors, designs, and styles.

Pendant Necklace

These are a piece of must-have jewelry in every woman’s wardrobe. Thanks to its versatility and the way it enhances one’s style statement and personality to the world. Pendant necklace has some of the most trendy pendant designs in the form of moons, stars, bars, stones, etc. These are also suitable for all neckline styles and widths.

Collar Necklace

Those having off-shoulder necklines should definitely try the collar neckpieces. These sit gorgeously around the collar region, adding to the overall sophistication of your attire. Not just for off-shoulder ones, these are also perfect for those having a turtle or boat neck.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are looking for opera, matinee, or line necklaces, there are plenty of options today to purchase from. Online jewelry stores showcase different products at different price points for customers. Most of them are statement necklaces, or in simple words, neckpieces that leave behind your charisma. These necklets are available in different colors, metals, designs, widths, and detailings. One should pick them based on their taste and choice of outfit for any particular occasion.

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