Are Coupon Codes Legitimate?

Being fashionable means shopping online, most of us are building our closets this way. Do you use use coupon codes? Well, read here about how we can find a good coupon code.

Some consumers may still be hesitant about using coupons to get massive discounts. But the short answer to the question is yes; these coupons are legitimate. For years, billions of consumers have been redeeming the codes to buy different items. 

Several factors point to this general reluctance of using coupons, even if the evidence points to the fact that millions of American consumers have benefited from this system. Consider this kohls coupon code, for instance, where you can get from 30% to as much as 80% price reduction on selected items at Kohl’s.  

Why people are reluctant to use coupon codes:

  1. People are embarrassed to present coupons when buying their items. With online shopping, however, this stigma has somewhat decreased.
  1. There is a lack of technology to accept coupons. New technology gave rise to mobile coupons, which you can save on your phone to present to the retailer. However, some brick-and-mortar stores lack the technology to process these coupons.
  1. The process is inconvenient. You need to find the coupon, clip it, and store the piece of paper. Then you need to bring that piece of paper to the store, making sure you do not crumple or tear it. Again, the existence of mobile codes has made this process obsolete. For example, when you use the Kohl’s coupon code, you can use it when you buy an item online. So, there is no more need for a paper coupon.
  1. Consumers are still suspicious of coupons. They think it is a grand scam to make them spend their hard-earned money. After all, businesses exist for profit. Why would they do you a favor by slashing the prices of their goods?

A System of Mutual Benefit

You might think that the retailer will stand to lose from this system. But you are wrong. Discount coupons work because it is a system that benefits everybody. 

Primarily, coupons work by entering the code at the checkout to redeem the discount on the item they purchase. 

According to research, consumer packaged goods manufacturers issued more than 300 billion coupons in the United States in 2016. However, consumers only redeemed two billion of them. Juniper Research said that the value of coupons would reach $91 billion by 2022 compared to only $47-bln in 2017. It means that manufacturers and retailers know the importance of coupon redemption to boost loyalty, patronage, and sales. 

There are several ways of how manufacturers and retailers can benefit from offering coupon discounts. Among these reasons are:

  1. They can push reluctant visitors into making a purchase.
  2. Coupons develop loyalty.
  3. Discount coupons can help introduce your company to the market, which is valuable if you belong in a competitive industry.
  4. They reward loyal customers.
  5. They offload the inventory, especially products gathering dust on the shelves.
  6. They cut on their advertising expenses.
  7. Coupons drive traffic to their websites.
  8. They develop insights on customer behavior (what they are looking for, how much are they willing to spend, etc.)

As you can see, there is excellent value for retailers to consider offering discount coupons on their physical stores or eCommerce sites. The system is working efficiently for a long time because it is mutually beneficial for both the consumers and the retailers. 

So, you do not have to worry about clipping those coupons or redeeming mobile codes to get discounts on the item you have been eyeing.

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