Myths About Losing Weight

In urban culture or around the water cooler there are chats about lost or gained kilograms, and in these chats, some of the same topics are emerging as a sort of conclusion to that discussion. It's fine if it was true, but most of them are brought by amateurs who think them real.

Let’s overview some of the most frequent of them:

Only Fat Make Us Fat

Indeed, fats contain twice as many calories than proteins or carbohydrates, but we need to know that everything in too much quantity is wrong.

Proteins Make You Lose Weight

Proteins underlie the development and functioning of muscles, bones and internal organs. An extra portion of protein does not guarantee perfect muscles nor the fact that fat will melt on its own.

Overweight People Eat More

A lot of studies concluded that overweight people sometimes eat less then the normal weighted ones. The reasons for defective metabolic burns are hormones, genetic inheritance, but especially tough diets that deregulate the body

Enzymes Burn Fat

If we eat pounds of pineapple, the waist is not thinning by itself! Exotic fruits contain enzymes, but they only help to digest proteins, which does not lead to the disappearance of fat layers.

Vitamins Stimulate the Metabolism of Fats

The role of vitamins is to help burn fat along with other substances.

Losing Weight Is Not Rocket Science, but Not an Easy Job, Too




Dear friend, I advise you to change your diet gradually, not suddenly, it’s simpler and healthier. But be careful in choosing your diet: the diet you choose must match your life and work rhythm.

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