These 5 Afternoon Habits Will Make You Gain Weight

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And in case you are married, the female weight gain is a bigger problem as compared to men. This is because the researchers have found that females gain weight easily after marriage. However people in general compromise their diet in the afternoon as they work sitting on a desk and deals with the stress and so by the midway their body gets tired and then they can’t force themselves to follow a good diet. And this midday munching contributes to the added pounds. We have short listed 5 of the afternoon habits that leads to weight gain and which you can avoid and stay healthy.

Rewards for the Good Behavior:

Most of the early risers who workout in the morning feels that they have worked hard enough to enjoy a treat. We appreciate the hard work that you have put in your gym session but it is important to follow it with a good diet. Many people tend to overestimate the amount of calories they have burned and underestimate the amount of calories they are eating as a treat. And this added calories contributes to the weight gain. So, it is advised to separate your treats from the workout and consider a treat on a weekend only.

You Are Desk Bound:

What we mean by this is that you are staying sedentary.  You might have work out in the morning but you have to keep yourself active throughout the day. Keep yourself moving throughout the day and don’t stuck in a sedentary rut. To do that you can take a lap of your office or can use stairs instead of lifts. If not this, then you consider to take a call while standing up. Moving throughout the day will result in burning calories and will also help in circulation.

Having Unnecessary Treats:

Your colleagues might offer you the unhealthy snacks at work. It can be for a birthday or for the promotion. Whatever the reason is, it will remain unhealthy. You have to give up on such sub par indulgences as this can destroy your workout session. It is advised to enjoy a treat only when you can fully appreciate it.

Happy Hours:

Don’t get mislead by the happy hours. It’s a trap. I repeat it’s a trap. Having a drink on the Friday might not be a big deal but it is a slippery slope. There are offices who follows an after work drink culture or offer happy hours to the employees. And while going cray in the happy hours you end up drinking a lot more calories. In case you can’t stop yourself from enjoying the happy hours then it is recommended to go for an unsweetened variety. This way you can enjoy the happy hour and can still remain on track with your diet.

Trying to Be Perfect Every Time:

Sometimes trying to be perfect all the times backfires as well. You should follow a strict diet but also allow yourself to enjoy your favorite desserts occasionally and to miss the workout session for a movie. This way you will not lose your motivation and you will get the time to recharge your energy. You should follow a plan that you can maintain throughout your life. So, manage them properly as we don’t want you to quit it altogether and to consider it something impossible.

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