Miracle Tips for Faster Growing Hair

I know for sure that I am the kind of unlucky person, who wants changes made fast! And by fast I mean…I wake up in the morning with the mood for a haircut, and it has to be done then! In 10 minutes if possible. And I spend my whole day looking for a hairdresser who will accomplish my desire! Of course, most of them are really busy, I think about this as a bad sign but I go on, and still look for one available hairdresser who will eventually cut my hair!

And I finally do it! So, why am I unlucky?! Because, my mood changes he second day, and I want back the long hair I used to have. “Sorry Andrea, it’s not possible” the inner voice used to say. But now, I found the way of making it stop!

The miracle tips that will help your hair grow faster and longer are a real help when you want to change…the change! Want to get back the long tresses!? Here is how to do it! Follow these simple hair care tips every day, let them become your routine and you’ll see the results in no time!

Start Jogging or Exercising

It has nothing to do with your body…in fact, it kind of does right?! But, did you know that exercising can make your hair grow longer? If you work out a few times per week, you will improve your circulation, meaning more blood will reach the scalp encouraging healthy hair to grow. Exercises also reduce stress, produces endorphins, and these help you by preventing hair damage and loss (because of extra stress). Also, recent US studies revealed that 8 hours of sleep reduce stress and hair trauma.

Take Some Supplements, Be Healthy

I know you may be skeptical about supplements, but let me tell you they are really great when it comes to hair care and health. You should consider this especially if your diet is a bit hit and miss. Making sure you get the right vitamins will encourage your hair to grow and bring back the glossy shine. You should try some supplements with folic acid and vitamin B, and you shall see an improvement in a couple of weeks.

Take Care if You Want to Dye Your Hair

This is unfortunate of you have blond hair and you need to use hair dye a lot, otherwise, you should be able to help it. The idea is that if you regularly put peroxide on your hair it is more likely to break. So, if you touch up the re-growth hair on your own highlights, only apply a bleach-based dye to the root area, where the hair is its natural color. For brunets, try to use henna or vegetable-based colors.

Use the Correct Brush

You may consider, as most of us do, that a hair brush is just a hair brush, and as long as it doesn’t turn your hair frizzy, it’s ok. But lots of people use the wrong brush in the wrong time, whether is combining wet hair with a bristle brush or over-using a barrel brush so it makes your hair split. Be careful and buy the correct brush, we advise you to buy one with flexible teeth.

Stop, or Less Use of Straighteners

It may be that a hair straightener saves your day/date/week… we all know that persons with curly hair can have real problems or real bad days if not using straighteners. But using heated appliances daily equals damaged hair, and this one will grow slowly. As drastic as it sounds, limit the use of these appliances to a day a week and use a high-quality hair straightener. Anyway, use a heat protector, no matter what you do!!

The Miracle Tips to Make Hair Grow Faster

The ultimate hair care tip is the castor-oil. This is a real miracle for hair growing. The key is to massage your scalp every week, once a week, with castor-oil, natural. Leave it to rest, massage your scalp and help it receive nutrients, and in approximately a month you will see a real improvement.

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  1. Shay says:

    I’m biracial and have no clue how to take care of my have. I do massage my scalp with coconut oil daily but I have partially wavy hair that used to curls and I get a relaxer twice a year. Any tips on styling, washing, and maintaining my hair.

  2. Shay says:

    I’m biracial and have no clue how to take care of my have. I do massage my scalp with coconut oil daily but I have partially wavy hair that used to curls and I get a relaxer twice a year. Any tips on styling, washing, and maintaining my hair.

  3. Sarah Onayemi says:

    I love long hair but my hair is short, i thnk its in d blood beacus most Nigerians hav short hair.

  4. PARTYPOISON says:

    lol i could probly do all these tips but the straightning hair one…. my hair is curly or staright its the ugly wavy that no one likes so i hae to straighten it 🙁

  5. andrea says:

    Hey Sristy,
    I sent you an e-mail few minutes ago with some of our articles, related to hair care and how to repair dry hair.

    Please feel free to tell me anything you want to know, and i shall make some research for a bigger article about dry hair.

    Thank you for your request, any feedback is more than welcomed! 🙂

  6. sristy says:

    send me a daily tips of dry hair

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