Are Hair Transplants the Answer to Hair Loss for Women?

Did you know that around one third of women experience hair loss in their lifetime? If you’re noticing your locks are starting to thin or fall out, you’re not alone. Anyone can find bald spots appearing at any time in their life, for a whole range of reasons. Luckily, there are solutions. Take a look at our guide to find the right option for you.

Are There Many Solutions for Female Hair Loss?

It’s no doubt that hair loss in men is more commonly talked about. The solutions for hair loss shampoos on TV always use men, and it’s rare to see images of bald women anywhere. So, if you don’t think there are as many solutions available to women, it’s not hard to see why!

Luckily though, this isn’t the case. For pretty much every male hair loss solution, there’s an option for women too. In fact, most treatments are unisex; they’re just advertised for men far more frequently. 

What Are the Solutions?

As well as the option of visiting a hair transplant clinic, there are other solutions for hair loss that you can try. Although they’re not as certain to work as a hair transplant, they can be worth giving a go if your hair loss isn’t as severe or you’re not ready to go under the knife yet. Let’s take a look at some of the methods that other women have seen success from.

The first is Minoxidil. In the UK, this is often sold under the branded version of Regaine. It’s an approved and legal medical treatment for hair loss that doesn’t need a prescription, meaning that you can find it in many high-street stores. The treatment is applied directly to your scalp and hair, promoting thicker and faster growth.

Hormone imbalances are a frequent cause of hair loss in women, so hormone treatments can be a complete solution for some. This could range from taking birth control pills to hormone replacement therapy, helping level out your estrogen and progesterone to get your body back on track. 

There are also easy everyday changes you can make for healthier, fuller hair. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet that’s rich in protein, which you can get from lean meats, legumes, tofu, and tempeh. You should also make sure to keep your hair clean and use a gentle shampoo free of SLS. Never brush your hair when wet and avoid rubbing it too vigorously with a towel. When wet, your hair is much more fragile and prone to breakage, so be careful with it!

What About a Hair Transplant? 

Whilst the non-surgical procedures can work, the best way to combat hair loss is with a hair transplant. As a permanent solution that will leave you with thick, full hair in the areas you’re struggling with, it’s a no-brainer!

One of the most common hair transplant procedures is FUE, which stands for Follicular Hair Extraction. Simple and quick, it’s far less daunting than a lot of people think. It’s also completely painless, so there’s nothing to worry about! It works by extracting individual hair follicles from another spot on your head or somewhere else on your body. Your experienced surgeon will move these hairs to the balding area of your scalp and insert them in small incisions. Any areas being worked on will be fully anaesthetized throughout, so you won’t feel a thing. 

Those hairs, more commonly called grafts, will take root in your scalp. They’ll actually fall out after a couple of weeks, but don’t panic! This is completely normal. It’ll then be just 6 months before your new hair starts growing through, and from then on it’s all uphill. There’ll be some aftercare you have to follow, but the whole thing is really very simple. 

Start Finding Your Solution

No woman has to deal with hair loss. There are solutions out there that can help you recover your luscious locks and take back your confidence. For a permanent, quick solution that’ll solve your problem with just one procedure, look into a hair transplant by getting in touch with a reputable hair clinic. 

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