Healthy Food for Healthy Breasts

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I thought I might share with you today some, maybe strange ideas, regarding the correlation between what we eat and the way we can keep our breasts healthy. What you eat can radically change the way your “boobs” look like.

What to Eat for Healthy Breasts

Fat Fish

Example: salmon. New studies revealed that fish with high content of Omega 3 (tuna or salmon) can drastically reduce the number of women suffering breast cancer. Also, you have to know that fish oils offer you a silky, goddess skin.

Vitamin E

If you are increasing the number of unlucky women who have terrible hurts in their breasts, just before the menstrual period, if you know you have a sensitive area there, try to increase the quantity of vitamin E in your everyday diet. We recommend: avocado, spinach and almonds.

Forget About the Salt!

Watch carefully the quantity of salt you tend to eat every day. Also take a better look to the products you buy, they may contain large amounts of sodium. This has the following consequence: your organism retains more water then it usually does and so, your breasts will be swollen and more sensitive.

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    Dear Roshni, please tell me more about the things you are interested in. Because, unfortunately, i don’t understand exactly what kind of guidance do you want.
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  3. roshni says:

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