Get rid of kilograms with… the scale

The shortest way to lose kilos! Track your weight every day with the scale, and the kilograms should disappear in a minute!

Those who measure their weight every day get rid of extra kilograms very quickly.

[singlepic id=321 h=120 float=left]This is the conclusion of researchers from the University of Minnesota, who monitored 1800 adult on diet. Those who checked the weighting machine daily lost an average of five and a half kg, twice more than those who did this only once a week.

Attention, however, most specialists are against the obsession of tracking your weight with the balance every day. It seems that feelings such as impotence or discourage, characteristic of those who are weighed daily, can determine them to give up the diet if they don’t see result immediately.
Although there are no studies to support this theory, it is better to be careful and take this aspect into consideration too.
The good part is that you can use the scale daily if you don’t have lack of motivation and if you do not have health problems. It is also recommended that you write the results – this will examine progress in the long term.

[singlepic id=206 h=100 float=right] After all, in out opinion it is better to check your weight every day and write down any minor change. You should also write down what you have eaten that day, and, in this way it will be easier for you to observe what harms your diet.

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