Fitness or Electro-Stimulation (estim)?

For a rapid weight reduction, an improvement in muscle tone or cellulite reduction, we have only one solution: training the muscles. But do we choose the easy way, or the hard one? Electrical muscle stimulation (electro-stimulaton), often called "e-stim" or "TENS" is used in physical therapy or even slimming down programmes. But how it scores to fitness?
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Pro Electro-Stimulation (estim)

We could choose a home device or go to  a body remodeling center where these procedures are done! Estim involves placing a number of electrodes on the body using elastic bands. These electrodes have the role of working your muscles by electrical impulses! Specialists have suggested that 45 minutes of estim equals 5-6 hours of fitness / aerobics! The truth is that the results feel to certain people after just one session! After 12 sessions you can lose 3-4 centimeters in circumference! Besides loosing weight, you will remove water retained in your body, cellulite is diminished and blood circulation is improved significantly! Note, however, that you must be very careful to carefully choose the wellness centre because older devices can cause discomfort during the procedures!

Cons Electro-Stimulation (estim)

Well, obviously we will lose the beneficial effects of sports: strengthening the heart and the circulatory system, regulating metabolism and eliminating endorphins in your brains. That means we will be more depressed.

Pro Fitness

Obviously the benefits of fitness are long-term. The maintenance of health, body weight and metabolism is accomplished with a constant and long-lasting effort. There is a psychological aspect that should not be neglected: as long as you check the fitness sessions you have imposed yourself, you will have a strong personal sense of accomplishment that will cause you a success addiction. And that will help us in all aspects of our lives!

Cons Fitness

First of all, we should find not a very expensive but clean gym, because dust in contact with sweat leads to very unpleasant skin irritation. Then we have to make time, that is, at least 3 times a week for 2 hours. Beware, you need to drink plenty of water! But there is also a negative aspect that we can not neglect: sport in general, physical effort causes a tremendous appetite! This is no good for our silhouette if we want to lose a lot of weight quickly! If you only want muscle toning and a little bracing your body, then fitness is one of the right choices! Beware, while going to fitness, do not go into harsh regimes because you risk falling of calcium levels and develop anaemia!

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