Beauty Trends: Eyeliner and Extended Eyelashes

Eyes continue to provide unlimited possibilities of makeup, encouraged by the ever-changing techniques of applying mascara and contouring them. These, in addition with the charm of the eyeliner are the latest essences in makeup trends.

Cavalli’s sexy female models become even more sensual by exploring their masculine side. Use bold lines to elongate the eye and you turn masculine a strict feminine look.

Valentino orientated to younger audiences, being inspired by  “how a young woman would wear a Valentino creation”, which influenced Pat McGrath, Global Creative Director for P & G Beauty, to paint on a background of black pencil, covering the entire eyelid, a half of almond, so that when the eye is open to create a feeling of bold wings.

Theme dreamy romanticism adopted by Nina Ricci showed that eyelashes and eye pencil can become some sophisticated elements, and in this case Pat used light color along the eyelashes, to the inner corner of eye, and then applied brown / black mascara on upper lashes only – because brown is a more delicate and feminine color.

Gucci women’s models used a little makeup this season, and Pat applied a three-stage makeup to create “a modern look”  easy to match with the clothes that sent a strong message themselves. The basic element of this look was subliminal represented by the line near the eyelashes, consisting in a mixture of black and brown shades.

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