Beauty Tips for Choosing the Correct Foundation Color

I am sure you found yourself in front of a hard choice... "what color should I choose for my foundation?". So, read our beauty tips.
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I am sure you found yourself in front of a hard choice… “what color should I choose for my foundation?”. Probably you tend to ask your friends, a cosmetician, or the cosmetic sales person. But it is easier than you think. Read our beauty tips about choosing the correct foundation color:

  • Don’t rush in choosing a foundation color. You might end up getting a wrong one. Make sure that you have enough light to see the color clearly. Artificial light can be deceptive. You may think that it’s perfect for your skin but it can look different in the day light.
  • When buying the foundation. Make sure that you test it on your skin. Apply a small amount and let it stay for a few minutes. The acid balance of your skin may affect the color.
  • Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.
  • Don’t try making yellow toned skin look pinker by using pink based foundation
  • Don’t use dark foundation that will look like a suntan
  • The best way to apply foundation is by using your fingertips. It is important that you know how to blend it carefully.
  • Use a primer like moisturizer before applying the foundation. In this way you will get a smooth finish without any patches.
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