5 Ways to Hint That All You Want for Christmas Is a Diamond Ring

If it's time for "that ring" to go on your finger, Christmas is a great time to take the hinting to the next level.
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While there are many men out there who manage to surprise their girlfriends with an engagement ring, there are just as many – perhaps more – who just don’t seem to get around to it and don’t seem to take the hint when the time has come to make a bigger commitment to the relationship. If it’s time for that ring to go on your finger, Christmas is a great time to take the hinting to the next level.

Leave Media in Visual Range

If you’re over at his place, take along a jewelry catalog or two. When you leave, forget to take them along. Just leave them open to the engagement ring pages with a corner folded down and smoothed back out, so the corner will point right to the ring that you want on that page when folded again. The least obvious of the bunch, this might only work if your sweetheart ever picks up your reading material.

Peer Pressure

For this hint, you’ll need a friend or relative who is engaged. Plan the hinting ahead with her. Arrange for her to come over for a visit while your guy is around and show off her engagement ring. Gush over how beautiful it is and draw his attention to it. While this one may not work with men who are a little more on the oblivious side, it is a safer way to go if you don’t want your hints to be terribly obvious.

Raid the Gumball Machine

Get a pretty toy ring out of the gumball machine and put it on your ring finger. Wear it around for a while and get him to notice. Admire how it looks on your finger – just don’t go too far overboard. If he asks about it, jokingly tell him that it’s just a placeholder while you wait for the real thing to arrive someday.

Surfing the Web

Borrow your sweetie’s computer and surf your favorite engagement ring sites. When you’re finished, leave the computer on with the site ‘accidentally’ left up in the browser. Next time he goes to check his e-mail, he’ll have your favorite ring choices staring him in the face. This tactic is a bit bold, but is great for guys who don’t take the hint easily.

The Saturation Plan

If your guy really has a hard time getting hints, try saturating his day with diamond rings. Pick up a catalog from your favorite jewelry store or find pictures online. Smallish pictures will do. Cut them out and stick them everywhere – his jeans or suit pockets, on items in the fridge that you know he’ll pick up, on the steering wheel of the car, on his razor – everywhere! This is pretty much a last ditch effort to hint anvil-over-the-head style and the most obvious, so save it for emergencies.

When it comes right down to putting that ring on your finger, you should be happy with it. Most guys will ask outright or take a peek into your jewelry box to get a feel for your taste in jewelry before they lay down the money for an engagement ring. If you have your choice of diamonds, Canadian diamonds are some of the best out there. Not only are they dazzling and high quality, they are also ethically mined. They are mined, cut, and polished with environmentally responsible methods and fair labor, allowing you to enjoy your diamond completely without having to wonder where it came from.

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