Prenatal Care System of Different Countries

The time when a woman is pregnant is not endless, so you need to memorize every moment without unnecessary anxieties and experiences.

Prenatal Care Worldwide

Prenatal care Programs is not often well-organized and presented worldwide. If you plan to have a high-level monitoring during pregnancy somewhere in the world, you need to be prepared informationally about the medical processes for pregnant women in this country.

Prenatal Care in Canada

Canada is well-known for good medical assistance which is totally free (or almost free) for Canada residents. There are specially adapted packages of services for pregnant women, but there is no additional screening or testing included into.

For non-residents of Canada, such Programs cost around USD 18 000.

Prenatal Care in Norway

The same situation as in Canada. If you are a member of the National Insurance Scheme of Norway, then you are able to receive free of charge medical care during pregnancy. For foreigners, there are some additional procedures which include receiving residence permits for the child. Prenatal care Programs in Norway are rather expensive, forasmuch of paying for every testing and consultation.

Prenatal Care in the USA

Basic Prenatal care consultations and examinations tend to be covered by the State for the citizens. It means that any additional test you need is paid by the patient (or is covered by insurance and savings). Each visit to the obstetrician for a consultation ranges from USD 100 to even USD 500 per one. Each additional service (such as ultrasound examination) costs about USD 100.

Prenatal Care in Ukraine

Ukraine is known for its new technological development (Stem cells treatment, for example) and experienced medical staff with international education and recognition. Prenatal care is one of the numerous areas of extended development.
Unlike most countries, Ukraine private clinics provide special Programs for Prenatal care and for different pregnancy periods. Well-developed medical packages help to minimize your expenses and receive all needed services brought together in one place. Average cost for the Prenatal care Program in ADONIS, for example, is USD 1672 with no additional payments.

Prenatal Care and Its Practical Focus

Qualitative medical care is a rather important aspect for a person throughout the life. Pregnancy period is not an exception. Prenatal care usually includes a set of checkups and target testing which prevent health issues in the future or avoid real problems with baby development.

ADONIS provides only unbelievable medicine experience from Prenatal Care Programs with full check-ups and all around care.

Prenatal care Programs of ADONIS include the following testing sets which is carried out in ADONIS own clinical base:
• Prenatal screening
• Fetus ultrasound
• Fetal CTG
• Cervix measurements (with ultrasound)
• Utero-placental doppler (including blood flow)

Targeting checkups during Prenatal care Program include also a general testing of organs (especially of pelvic floor) to be sure of total health of mother. Ultrasound examination of abdomen, kidneys, thyroid gland, breast, colposcopy,
bacterial seeding, microscopic analysis of microflora, cytological examination, etc. Being involved in the fast-moving rhythm of life, the one and only stable thing in the person’s life remains a family.

Create your family safety and protect the health of each member (especially the smallest ones) with the best clinics in the world. ADONIS International is among such best technological ones.

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