Does Marriage Counseling Really Work?

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Marriage counseling is depicted in movies as an ineffective resolution to a failing marriage and a waste of money and time. Is this depiction accurate? It isn’t. Statistics prove that marriage counseling does, in fact, work in many cases. 

Can marriage counseling fix all your problems or save all marriages? Certainly not, but a good number of relationships are protected with the help of a counselor or therapist.

Forty to fifty percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce, and the statistics of divorce for marriages after the first are even higher. 

Marriage counseling is a good option for couples struggling with marital problems or even for couples who just want to maintain a healthy relationship. Marriage counseling is not exclusive for couples who are going through rough patches. 

It is also healthy for couples to pay regular visits to councilors even when their marriage is in the right place because it helps to have a mediator and an outside point of view into your relationship to keep it healthy. 

A Common Issue That Can Be Mended With the Right Help

Infidelity is also a common issue among many married couples. An infidelity therapist can help in saving a marriage that’s on the brink of failing because of cheating and infidelity. In these cases, couples are often too affected by their emotions to resolve their issues; this is where consulting a therapist or counselor can really help. 

An infidelity therapist acts as an effective liaison between you and your spouse so that you meet on neutral ground, which is in situations that involve infidelity since it can be a sensitive topic for both parties. 

Aside from infidelity, marriage counselors also address other issues such as falling out of love, insecurity issues, jealousy issues, and so on. 

Marriage counselors are trained in dealing with marital affairs and often have bachelors or master’s degrees related to their field. Talking to a professional is beneficial since they are equipped to provide you with proper counsel on the problems you are facing in your marriage. 

The Role of an Infidelity Therapist in Saving Your Marriage

Marriage counseling is not the be-all, end-all solution to your marital problems but it can play a big part in strengthening or saving your marriage, especially when coupled with other helpful things such as team-building activities, workshops, etc. 

For it to be as effective as it can be, both you and your partner have to be open to the idea of counseling. Marriage is not a walk in the park, but with determination and hard work, most unions have a great shot at lasting a lifetime. 

Movies and media may not have portrayed marriage counseling as an effective solution to saving failing marriages, but many real-life couples prove otherwise. 

Final Word

If your marriage is doing great, and you want to keep it healthy or exciting, then you can also give marriage counseling a try since it has been known to strengthen a relationship even further. If your marriage is in rough waters, then seeing a marriage counselor is definitely worth a try. And with services like BetterHelp, all of this effort could be easier. What do you have to lose?

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