10 Cool Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Gift Idea #1. a Photo Grid

Have you noticed your friend having many pictures lying around, but no place to keep them organized? Consider getting her a photo grid on which she can hang her favorite pics.

Gift Idea #2. a Makeup Blender

Any girl can appreciate a proper makeup tool that will help her blend foundation and concealer without a glitch, and this simple option should be on your list. While decently priced, it does a great job, and your friend will be glad for it.

Gift Idea #3. DIY Nail Designs

In case your friend loves changing the polish on her nails weekly, you can introduce her to the fun world of nail designs. There are many DIY kits on the market that don’t cost a lot, and it is guaranteed that your friend will have a blast trying them out.

Gift Idea #4. Bath Bombs

If getting your friend a spa ticket is not something you can do, here’s the next closest thing. Get her a set of gorgeous smelling bath bombs. They are much like a spa experience, but without the extravagant cost.

Gift Idea #5. Pet Accessories

Is your friend a pet lover? If that’s the case, there are many cute things you can get for her. Educate yourself a little on the species she has in her care. The large onesmay be a little more demanding in regards to care and maintenance, but a cool gift will be appreciated, nonetheless.

Gift Idea #6. Asymmetrical Earrings

Any girl likes a nice piece of jewelry. Here is a trendy idea that will save the day: asymmetrical earrings. They are not your average gift and will make your friend feel special.

Gift Idea #7. a Unique Phone Charger

Nothing can be more frustrating than a phone without juice. If you notice your friend having troubles with hers, then a nicely colored phone charger can be the perfect gift. She will love taking it with her everywhere, and she won’t have to worry about battery problems next time she wants to snap a selfie.

Gift Idea #8. a Gorgeous Duffel Bag

With so many after-school activities present in any girl’s life, what could be more practical than a duffel bag? Pick one with cool, colorful patterns, and your friend will love you forever.

Gift Idea #9. a Turtleneck Sweater

That’s one piece of clothing that shouldn’t be amiss from your friend’s wardrobe. And if she already has one, she won’t mind a second, especially if it’s cool.

Gift Idea #10. a Magic Coffee Mug

Nothing is more exciting than a gift that reveals itself under certain circumstances. Here is an idea that will blow your friend’s mind away. Get a heat-reveal mug that shows a unique message as hot liquid fills it up. As no one knows your friend better than you, it should be simple to pick the right one.

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