Style Inspiration and Tips: 5 Rings for 5 Different Occasions

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Jewelry has always been and will remain the special item to characterize you and your character. No matter how well-dressed you may be or how fancy your make-up and coiffure might be without a proper jewelry item the overall look will simply feel like unfinished. Women and men around the world now have the proper knowledge and the right tools to pick up the proper items to ensure a perfect overall look on any occasion.

They do not hold their backs on anything anymore not even when it comes to making a bold statement wearing signet rings.  Let’s discover the latest style tips and discover the most interesting 5 rings to consider wearing on important occasions in your life.

The Perfect Formal Ring Option

8fea966ff79e6e8875ad2316ab96109fRings can be worn in a wide variety of ways. The important thing is to adapt your jewelry to each occasion and match it to your look and general fashion style. If the formal style is the right one for your next special event then you should go for cocktail or statement signet rings to match the formal feature of the event. What is their main characteristic? They are larger and make a bolder statement than standard ones. It is better to wear them alone not in combination with other rings because they are bold enough to do the job alone.

In the category of formal jewelry we can also include engagement and wedding signet rings. However, most fashionistas consider that these can be worn on any occasion and perfectly match the formal style. Going for rings with precious stones is more recommended for dressy occasions where they will perfectly match your overall look.

Wear Proper Jewelry in the Office

wedmiddleWorking in the office does not mean that you are not allowed to also look good while doing your job. A nice piece of jewelry ensures you self-confidence and will help you face any new challenge at the work place. The important thing is to find those rings that are suitable to be worn at the office and you are ready to evolve and get noticed.

It is important to be mentioned at this stage that office jewelry should be all about restraint. Embellishing is not desirable on this occasion – you should rather go for garnishing your office outfit and get ready to feel and look good. Small pieces go well in this case and will ensure proper comfort at work, especially if you use your hands very often for typing or writing and signing documents.


Go for the Street Style

If there is one market where you can find insights on the most cutting-edge trends, the street style matches your needs and requirements. When it comes to jewelry, women around the world are now choosing to go for the street style and look amazing. Go for badass rings to match your other jewelry items and make your street statement today. Upgrading your wardrobe along the way may not seem like a bad idea either. Matching clothes, jewelry and looks will make you shine like a star walking down the streets.

Perfect Ring to Wear at a Rock Concert

efe6af6f7b56db20d332ac0368cbdbdfIf you have planned a nice evening out at a rock concert then you must pay careful attention to how you will get there in terms of looks, clothing and certainly, jewelry. You cannot go to a rock concert wearing your little black dress and high heels because you will be the only woman there looking strange. Also, no rock fans tend to wear shiny diamond rings when they are at a concert. It is better to go for something rocky and attract attention for your knowledge and skills in matching your rock concert clothes with a bold jewelry item.

The Best Ring Gift for Your Best Friend

img_5177If your best friend is celebrating his/her birthday or has another special occasion coming up you may be wondering which gift could be the best and the symbol of your friendship. We recommend you to go for a nice piece of jewelry like signet rings because no one dislikes receiving them. There are numerous occasions on which these rings can be worn and no matter what you choose will find its place to be worn on some sorts of events. Your best friend will be pleased to discover your gift.

Signet rings are special symbols that need to be worn according to given occasions in your life. Match the rings to your outfit and overall look and you will be the new king / queen of the party. Modern signet rings seem to have it all in terms of traditional and modern features so you may want to consider having at least one piece of these new items in your collection.

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Christopher Austin is a fashion blogger and loves sharing his views on latest fashion trends. He also works for a site where you can buy a signet ring with your family crest or own design. Apart he love to read fashion magazines at his free time

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