5 Surprising Reasons for Weight Gain

Despite the fact that millions of Americans are on diets each year, most have difficulty losing those extra pounds, and if they do, they have even more trouble keeping the weight off.
Underlying Causes of Weight Gain HD

They typically return to their pre-dieting lifestyle since even the best diet programs are not sustainable over time. And this creates a lot of frustration and a sense of failure for that person who is trying to lose weight. This happens so often, you have to wonder if the diet companies’ goal is to really help people lose weight over the long haul, or simply keep their business profitable as almost all of their clients fail.

Aside from ineffective weight loss programs, there are other critical factors that make it so hard for most of us to lose weight. Many people suffer from stress in their daily work and other activities, and that alone will make the body secrete hormones that can actually increase body fats. Being a compulsive eater whenever you feel down or anxious can also lead your diet to fail. Other factors such trauma history, body image issues and lack of sufficient sleep are also experienced by many of us. All these factors are scientifically proven to contribute to weight gain. So if you don’t deal with these underlying factors, you’re quite likely to gain weight… again and again.

Let us further understand these underlying causes through the following infographic. Find out the facts and scientific explanations for why many of us continue to gain weight. Remember that awareness is important to change your attitude and propel you to action.

Underlying Causes of Weight Gain HD


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