5 Habits That Harm Your Skin


Beyond the passing years, bad habits are those that destroy your skin in a quick and efficient way. So if you want to keep your skin fresh and young, learn who “they” are and stop them before it’s to late!

You may find these information cruel, but trust me it is much better to be informed and prevent than to sit in front of the mirror and wonder what plastic surgery to call when your skin won’t be as bright and shinny as it should.

Learn from specialists what to do…well…not to do in order to prevent wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes, pimples or acne.

You Smoke (a Lot)

It’s the number one enemy of your skin, because it accelerates aging and inhibits the ability to recover. And these things are translated in premature wrinkles  and their emphasizing if they already exist.

You Are Over Exposed to Sun Rays

Yes, we know you like to take long sun baths, but take into account the consequences. It is not such a good idea to go “black” if you get wrinkles and skin depigmentation (not to talk about the hard skin cancer). So you should apply every time you expose yourself to the sun a sunscreen cream or lotion with a SPF bigger than 30.

You Have Some Kind of Drinking Habit

Unfortunately, the advice we get on “one glass of red wine makes our heart stringer” leaves out another important information: drinking alcohol has a lot of adverse effects on our skin. You will get a “tired’ skin until the age of 30 most probably, because you won’t be left unpunished for all the nights you spent out with the girls drinking and dancing.

Stop Squeezing Your Pimples!

Is more dangerous than you think. You can turn those few pimples in a terrible acne, plus you can destroy skin tissue and get some ugly scars. Instead, wash your face with a gel purifying gel; and you will see that they will disappear quickly.

You “forget” Cleansing Before Going to Bed

It is terrible for your skin. Remember that “she” lives and breathes (after all, skin is our biggest organ), and if you leave it covered with makeup all day and night, you are literally suffocating “her” or… it. At night, the skin should be clean, in this way it will be able to regenerate completely. Forgot about cleansing? Well, wait up, pimples, dark circles under your eye, wrinkles and skin pigmentation will appear before you turn 35.

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    I have a ssitie skin. I use mediines such as Metfomin, Pantoprasol ad some medicines for stomachach and depression, so wan o have a good skin. please tell me to do for it.
    I’m 26 years old.

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