Whooga Boots – The Hottest Boutique Brand of Ugg Boots

So, what are Whooga boots? How to wear them, why to buy them, from where to buy them and for how much...all these answers will be provided in this article.

Maybe the season is not so important…considering their comfy, warm 100% merino fleece material, but I think presenting them in winter time is the best way to do it.
So, what are they? How to wear them, why to buy them, from where to buy them and for how much…all these answers will be provided in this article.

What Are Whooga Boots?

  • They are the hottest trend when it comes to winter footwear, considering that they had the fastest growth in the last 4 years.
  • They probably create the warmest and most luxurious sheepskin boots, providing you the most relaxing winter experience by using 100% ThermoFleece materials.
  • And for a more precise explanation about ThermoFleece: “The thermogenic properties of ThermoFleece(TM) treated sheepskin far outstrips the capabilities of standard sheepskin in its ability to regulate the internal temperature of the foot regardless of external temperature variations.”Enhanced Warmth Ugg boots became winter favourites thanks largely to their unrivalled ability to warm your feet during winter’s coldest days.” And “Whooga ThermoFleece(TM) Technology involves the materials selection, design, processing, construction and quality control procedures that every pair of Whooga Sheepskin Boots undergoes in our state of the art factories, to ensure the top levels of warmth, comfort and durability that our customers have come to expect from Whooga. “ – according to www.snuggleuggs.com.

How Are They Made?

You wouldn’t believe it…they are hand crafted:). These warm boots, that fit your feet just nicely during the cold winter times, are handmade, double stitched seams with reinforced heels and highly durable leathers in order to create a boot which is designed to last for a very long time.

Why Buy Them?

  • Do I really need to say? Who doesn’t want to be fashionable and comfortable in the same time, in harsh winter time?! Furthermore…they have loads of fantastic models from which to choose the one that fits your needs best.
  • Walking on air?! Why not?! ThermoFleece is softer to touch due to its high fibre density and many Whooga owners draw the analogy of “walking on clouds of air”.
  • “We offer authentic ugg boots (the style of footwear). While the majority of manufacturers utilize sheepskin from China we still source merino sheepskin from Australia and New Zealand as these countries still produce the best quality fleece.”  And maybe this is one of the most powerful reasons to go for Whooga boots…and it is mentioned on their web-site. www.whooga-eu.co.uk

They offer you the chance to be sexy, fashionable and warm in the winter time. Who else does this?!  And how do they do it?! Simple…they created so many models, to fit anybody’s needs. You want it short? They have it, Go for long, comfy, warm boots, they have it. No matter what you decide to wear in the cold weather outside, they fit your desire and need.

What About a Christmas Present?!

Maybe you haven’t checked the packaging, but in my opinion it is fantastic. They show up at your door in an elegant brown and golden box…again, who else does that?! Why not sending them directly to your closest friend door?! Tell me, will she be happy or what?!

And another thing to mention about Whooga…. guys!!! They considered your needs too. So hurry up and get your feet in the hottest boots for winter time.

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