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Well…today we shall take a little trip back in time to see why chromo therapy is considered an alternative way for modern medicine.
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Well…today we shall take a little trip back in time to see why chromo therapy is considered an alternative way for modern medicine.
Before the rise of medicine, before running to the pharmacy for any inconvenience, before the convenience of applying a patch on a cut, people used all sorts of ways to relieve pain.

An example of ancient art is chromo treatment, a method of healing by color . The basic principle of this technique is the influence of electromagnetic waves on human cells. The treatment itself is made through bathroom light by irradiation.

It is considered that every color has an effect on the body, not simply psychological but also on physical and physiological level. Chromo therapy works with the siomple painting colors known as ROYGBIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, each with specific therapeutic actions for certain diseases, as follows:

Red is active, boosting energy, helping to improve blood circulation, to energize spinal nerve tissue and to treat wounds. It is contraindicated for hypersensitive and anxious people.
Orange is ideal for combating anemia and restoring energy. Calms digestive pain, improves the immune system and sexual organs.
Yellow stimulates intellectual activity and heals dermatological diseases.
Green combats neurosis and obsessions; it is a good help in therapy of burns and fractures.
Blue has a relaxing effect, stops bleeding, reduces fever.
Indigo help in handling EAT problems.
Violet relieves neuralgia, epilepsy and rheumatic pain.
Chromo therapy is not just a legend or a superstitious practice. It has specific rules and methods, with many followers abroad. Since this is a natural treatment it has no adverse effects and therefore you have no reason to be reticent. Chromo therapy makes no promises of miraculous healing, but proposes a way to help traditional medicine.

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