5 Health Trends for 2019

Now that we’ve entered into 2019, it’s a time to reflect and review to take a look at the many health trends that we can expect from the year ahead. Whether it’s the latest nutrition supplement or the newest technology, there’s a range of health trends that you need to be aware of to keep your body in the best shape possible.

Rowing Is In 

Throughout the recent years, we’ve seen a rise in gym activities such as spin cycling and boxing, but we have yet to see rowing come to the full attention of gym-goers. This isn’t going to last for much longer, since there’s already an abundance of rowing studios being opened across the nation. 

No longer will rowing be an exercise that’s only seen as a warm-up as new studios that boast load music and fun instructors are becoming more and more common. If that’s not enough to get you excited, rowing is an excellent way to work out your lower body, maintain your flexibility, and also build muscle tone. If you’ve been putting this exercise on the backburner, now is the time to finally tackle it head on and get started before the trend really takes off.

Collagen Powder

Protein powder has been on the market for quite some time now, but what’s on the rise for 2019 is collagen power. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and it’s one of the key nutrients that you need to maintain the health of your connective tissues. Therefore, it’s especially important if you happen to often find yourself in the gym as collagen is key for workout recovery and building muscle mass.

No matter your specific tastes or what your day may be like, you can easily incorporate collagen powder into your diet. One that does not include any additives is Naked Collagen Peptide Powder, which can be mixed into your coffee in the morning or your favorite post-workout smoothie. It’s easy, quick, and is truly going to make all the difference when it comes to how you feel, as well as how you’re operating in and out of the gym.

Intuitive Eating

It’s time to say goodbye to counting calories and watching what you eat to finally just enjoy fulfilling your body. Intuitive eating is a concept that so important for you, and we’re all for it. It allows you to start connecting and listening to your body on a deeper level, and 2019 is finally going to see the trend get the attention that it deserves. 

Get back to basics and accept the fact that, to get the most out of your body, you need to listen to what it wants. Instead of restricting certain food groups and limiting when you eat, it’s important to acknowledge when your body needs fuel, as it truly knows best. Providing it with the correct nutrients it needs when it needs them is also going to allow you to see a major improvement in your mood, your lifestyle, and your workouts.

Medicinal Herbs

This might sound like a strange one, but it’s definitely a trend that’s going to see a lot of attention in the upcoming months. As people get more experimental with their cooking, herbs and spices are getting apparent in people’s kitchens all over the globe, which is truly what they deserve. However, it’s about time that we start incorporating more complex medicinal herbs into our every-day diets. 

Medicinal herbs are not only great for improving and boosting the overall health of your body, but they’re also the perfect way to boost the health of your brain. Certain herbs work to eliminate brain fog, while others such as lavender can help improve your digestion. You don’t need to get too crazy too quickly, but start by incorporating medicinal herbs such as goji berries, matcha, mushroom powders, and ashwagandha into your smoothies, stews, or grains.

Mindfulness Continues to Grow

There are so, so many benefits to mindfulness that we don’t doubt it’s going to continue to be one of the biggest trends of 2019. Whether you’re somebody who makes time to practice self-care often and you know how to walk the middle path like the back of your hand, or you’re new to the practice, mindfulness can improve many elements of your life. 

Continue flourishing in 2019 by making time to take yourself to one side and really practice mindfulness. Be aware of your surroundings and your emotions and truly get back into connection with the body that you spend your time in.

Vivianne Sterling

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