The Secret to the Perfect Tan – 3 Crucial Steps You Must Take Before Tanning

This article is for those who’re looking for the fast, easy and painless way to get a natural-looking tan.

There’s something about someone with a tan. It’s fashionable and all the A-list celebrities go for a tan all the time.

Or maybe your reason for wanting a tan is because you don’t like how light your skin is and you can’t help comparing yourself with a bottle of mayonnaise. 

There are 2 ways of getting a tan:  You step outside, relax and let the sun’s rays do its thing, or you drive to the nearest tanning salon and get a spray tan Beverly Hills. Both will give you what you want but at varying degrees.

The first option is effective to get a nice tan and even boost your energy levels. But stay too long and you’ll get sunburned. The second option, on the other hand, is your best bet for an even and natural-looking tan. Plus, it’s a lot faster too. 

But this article is for those who’re looking for the fast, easy and painless way to get a natural-looking tan. So far, spray tan wins this one. But it comes with its own crosses. 

Some people complain that spray tanning gives them an orange tint, splotches and even streaks. You wouldn’t want people to know that your tan’s fake, do you?

If that’s you then here’s the solution: you need to find the right tanning studio that knows what it’s doing and that have the right formula to match. And you must follow these 3 crucial steps before tanning. 


Dead skin cells can get in the way of getting that even coat from the tanning spray. Why? Because when dead skin falls off or gets washed away in the course of having a shower, the dead skin that had some tan on it will reveal your true color. This will leave you with small patches on uneven color.

To get that perfect tan, exfoliation is the key. It will help remove the dead skin cells and prep your skin for that flawless coat of tan.

Shave or Wax

Hair follicles sometimes get in the way of having a perfect tan. It prevents the tan from being evenly applied on your skin. That’s why it is best to shave or wax before you hit the tanning salon. 

But here’s a quick note of warning: Don’t immediately get yourself a tan after you shave or wax. This is because your skin is still sensitive from the shaving and you may have some cuts as well. The tanning spray could irritate your skin and cause you rashes. So give it about 2 days before you get a tan.

Don’t Apply Lotion and Creams

It’s good to moisturize but never before a tan. Moisturizers like lotions or creams act as a barrier between your skin and the tan. Once you take a shower, the tan washes off with the water. 

Moisturizers prevent the tan from getting absorbed in your skin and doing its magic. So, if you know you want to get a tan, then stay away from lotion or creams for that day. 

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